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Some business expressions become so overused that they end up losing their meaning. At the end of every episode of Authentic Leadership for Everyday People I ask my guests what is the business jargon that drives them crazy.

It’s a question that was designed to get to know them a little better, and maybe be a little irreverent. What I learned 140 episodes in is that the answers span the range from funny to surprising and sometimes deep, and very time they are really insightful.

So here is the 4th yearly anthology, covering guests who were on the podcast the second half of 2023.

Vyra Scher

Jeff Robbins

Lynn Pulsifer

Mike Sweeney

Jazzy T Williams

Isabella Mandis

Jeff Bender

Michel Cohen

Gaia Van Der Esch

Don Martelli

Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan

Mosongo Moukwa

Debi Kleiman

Tangia Al Awaji Estrada

Melissa Kwan

Daniel Huerter


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