Lynn Pulsifer

Lynn Pulsifer

Founder- Chief Creative - Salty Cactus Creative

Today, my guest is a dear old friend and great creative leader. Lynn Pulsifer is the owner and Chief Creative of Salty Cactus Creative. We talk about how to develop and build creativity, for yourself and for the teams you lead. 

Lynn shares her experiences as a boutique agency owner, her insights on adaptation, the creative process, and the delicate balance between ego and collaboration. Plus, she offers her valuable insight for emerging creatives on navigating the intricacies of a creative career and the importance of continuous inquiry for fostering collaboration in the competitive creative landscape. 


  • [02:59] – Lynn Pulsifer, owner of Salty Cactus Creative, introduces herself and shares her diverse creative background.
  • [06:18] – The importance of adapting and evolving in a creative career.
  • [08:42] – Lynn identifies three crucial elements and the significance of these elements in creating authentic and resonant content.
  • [13:30] – Lynn shares her advice for emerging creatives.
  • [20:32] – The importance of asking questions and curiosity in fostering a successful and collaborative creative environment.
  • [29:53] – The value of diversity in creative passions, and experiences, for fostering innovation.
  • [33:22] – How collaboration provides more brainpower, beauty, and inspiration for better results and the importance of aligning creativity with business goals.
  • [38:37] – Lynn shares the business jargon phrases that have become particularly bothersome and the nourishing impact of yoga on her mind, body, and spirit at this moment in her life.

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