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Episode 56 Ronnell Richards – Authentic Selling

Can there be such a thing as being authentic in sales? Our guest, Ronnell Richards is an entrepreneur who spent over two decades in sales. He has been a producer, has built and led sales organizations in tech and telecom, and he runs a very successful sales training...

Episode 55 Christina Wallace – Portfolio Life

Christina Wallace is a former entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience building companies, and and currently a professor of entrepreneurship and marketing at Harvard Business School.She is writing a book about the Portfolio Life. It’s a concept that acknowledges...

Episode 54 Sean Fahey – Career Entrepreneur

Sean Fahey has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He spent the last 13 years building Vidcruiter, an HR tech company that uses software and video to significantly improve the recruiting process for organizations. Sean shared his experience as an entrepreneur, the...

Episode 53 – Dr. Wayne Markman – Launching a Revolutionary Treatment for Parkinson

Dr. Wayne Markman is is the co-founder and CEO of SYMBYX Biome, an Australian medical technology company developing light (photobiomodulation) therapies and devices for previously intractable, chronic diseases. One of their first applications, the treatment of...

Episode 52 Jim Young – Defeating Burnout

Today's guest is my friend Jim Young, also known as The Centered Coach. Jim had a long career in tech, rising in his company until he was the president. And then, he experienced a serious burnout, that led him to a serious recalibration of his life and priorities. Now...


  • We love Dino!
    September 16, 2022 by malloryck from United States

    Such a great show! I especially liked the episode with Jon Darbyshire!

  • I’m hooked
    August 17, 2022 by TheDunedinMouse from United States

    Really enjoyed the Jon Darbyshire interview which was my first time listening to this podcast, and now I’m hooked. Adding this to my regular podcast rotation for sure.

  • Loved Jon Darbyshire’s episode
    August 3, 2022 by SavPoi from United States

    Love the guest and topics in each interview!! Dino does an awesome job holding space for intriguing conversations!

The Host

Dino Cattaneo has spent over 30 years partnering with business leaders across different industries in companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. After being a banker, strategic consultant, digital marketer and C-suite executive at a private equity backed company, Dino has started his own executive coaching and advisory practice.

This podcast reconnects Dino with his early passion: before embarking in his business career he was a journalist covering American business news for Italy’s largest news agency and wrote feature stories on successful small businesses for Italy’s largest entrepreneuship magazine.