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074 – Daniella Rabbani – Mothers as Leaders

"The mother as a leader is an underrepresented conversation. It's hard to articulate how much mothers impact society. And it's a messy job. But that child is going to be the leader of tomorrow. We're going to live in a world where that child gets to call the shots." -...

Episode 73 Dino Cattaneo – How To Assess Your Leaders

In today's episode there are no guests. I share a framework to assess a leader you are working for or are considering working for. KEY TAKEAWAYS [01:38] - The inspiration for this special episode. [03:11] - The ground rules to get the most out of this episode. [03:55]...

Episode 72 Gil Blander and Rony Sellam – Successful Founder/CEO Relationship at InsideTracker

Today we are tackling a topic that is crucial to the success of many companies when they go from startup to the next phase of growth. It’s the question that many founders especially technical founders or scientific founders who start as CEO's have to ask themselves at...

Episode 71 Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller – Activist and DEI Leader

Today we talk to mom, activist, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) expert, Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller. As the Chief Diversity Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leader at PTC, a Boston-based global technology company. Kameelah supports the...

Episode 70 Creating Your Own Definition of Success

We are in the beginning of the year, and for many of us, this is a time where we think about setting goals and making new plans. A big topic of the podcast is how we measure success. Over two years of conversations, my guests have given me many definitions of what...


    October 18, 2022 by Mitko I. from Bulgaria

    A ton of value, keep rocking!

  • We love Dino!
    September 16, 2022 by malloryck from United States

    Such a great show! I especially liked the episode with Jon Darbyshire!

  • I’m hooked
    August 17, 2022 by TheDunedinMouse from United States

    Really enjoyed the Jon Darbyshire interview which was my first time listening to this podcast, and now I’m hooked. Adding this to my regular podcast rotation for sure.

The Host

Dino Cattaneo has spent over 30 years partnering with business leaders across different industries in companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. After being a banker, strategic consultant, digital marketer and C-suite executive at a private equity backed company, Dino has started his own executive coaching and advisory practice.

This podcast reconnects Dino with his early passion: before embarking in his business career he was a journalist covering American business news for Italy’s largest news agency and wrote feature stories on successful small businesses for Italy’s largest entrepreneuship magazine.