Don Martelli

Don Martelli

President & Partner of The Belfort Group

Today, we are talking with Don Martelli, As President and Partner of the Belfort Group, Don is deeply immersed in the realms of integrated digital marketing, creative services, web development, public relations and communications. Throghout his career, Don has developed an approach to leadership based on authenticity and storytelling.

Don shares his accidental entry into the marketing landscape, blending insights from his career in journalism with the evolving world of digital marketing. From the art of multitasking to effective communication and quick problem-solving, Don walks us through his intentional approach to leadership, why failure is an important way to learn, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. He also shares his foray in local politics, since he recently ran for City Council in the city of Revere, and he highlights the similarities between the different areas he worked in in his life.


[1:35] – Don shares his unexpected path from a co-op at The Boston Globe to leading a marketing agency and how pivotal moments with tough critiques made him a better communicator.

[3:12] – Don emphasizes the Belfort Group’s commitment to integrated digital marketing and the universal applicability of this service platform that can benefit organizations across diverse landscapes.

[15:29] – Inspired by mentors like Peter Morrissey and business partner Phil Penelope Torre, Don shares the importance of collaborative, unassuming leadership, emphasizing leading by example, being authentic, and showing authority while maintaining a collaborative and friendly approach.

[21:52] – Don shares a story on the value of having uncomfortable conversations to create a great culture that values transparency, learning, and effective communication.

[26:28] – Don reflects on what motivated him to run for office in Revere, Massachusetts, and his daughter’s pivotal role in urging him to plunge into politics.

[35:07] – Don reveals how a pandemic-purchased 50 lb bag of flour sparked a new hobby and shares the lessons he’s learned from assisting a local brewery in expanding their footprint. Plus, the one business term he sees as a barrier to the growth of some great ideas.


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