Mosongo Moukwa

Mosongo Moukwa

President of Hathaway Advanced Materials

Today’s guest is Mosongo Moukwa, the President of Hathaway Advanced Materials and the bestselling author of the book “Be a Leader of Significance.”

In his long career, Mosongo has been on two parallel journeys. First, a global journey from Congo to Belgium to Canada to the US and more. Second, a professional journey, from pure science and research to the leadership suite in the chemical industry

Together we delve into the art of effective leadership, emphasizing self-awareness, empathy, and the universal importance of human connections and transcending cultural differences. We also explore his book, the concept of ‘home’, and the profound impact of leadership that inspires.


[00:38] – Mosongo shares his journey from the Congo to his leadership roles and the importance of creating human connections as the foundation for effective leadership.

[02:38]  – The importance of embracing discomfort for personal and professional growth.

[13:03] – Effective leadership requires building trust within the team. Mosongo shares a story illustrating the importance of being true to oneself and making decisions based on personal values.

[17:40] – Creating a Safe and Engaging Leadership Environment. Drawing on international experiences in diverse settings. Mosongo shares some practical steps for leaders to foster psychological safety.

[26:49] – Mosongo shares why he wrote his book, “Be a Leader of Significance,” and the concepts he hopes to inspire in leaders.

[30:39] – How a commitment to continuous learning played a crucial role for Mosongo in a challenging situation and his decision process that helped him persevere.

[38:35] – Mosongo takes listeners on a delightful exploration of Belgian beers, including aromas, and alcohol levels, and offers some recommendations for listeners to try.

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