Michel Cohen

Michel Cohen

Founder & CEO, Gruppo DentalPro

Michel Cohen is the visionary, CEO, and Founder of DentalPro, Italy’s largest Professional Dentist Clinic Group, boasting over €200 million in sales, 2500 employees, and 265 clinics and offering accessibility to quality dental care across the country.

Michel shares how his leadership philosophy and passion for growth have shaped the culture of Dental Pro, the importance of clear values in building and operating the business, and the challenge of maintaining consistency in a rapidly growing organization.


[01:15] – Dino introduces his guest (and dear friend) Michel Cohen, the CEO and founder of DentalPro.

[02:44] – Dino shares a story from his past with Michel that explores the impact of authentic relationships in your personal and professional life.

[04:17] – Michel shares his career journey and the crucial elements in building a thriving business.

[08:31] – How Michel’s experience at Procter Gamble honed his skills in identifying and recruiting the right people and served to make DentalPro people focused while growing into the largest dentistry company in Italy.

[09:53] – Michel shares the key principles he focused on to become the type of leader he wanted to be while growing the organization.

[12:27] – Beyond work-life balance: the specific motivation Michel seeks when recruiting team members at any level.

[13:32] – The vast importance of integrity in creating the culture of a company you are building from scratch.

[15:42] – The one thing that Michel dislikes to hear from his team at any level of the company.

[16:49] – The vital checks he’s put in place to preserve the culture and ensure everyone on the team at DentalPro is rowing the same way.

[18:49] – Ensuring a top-notch experience for every client and patient in the network.

[20:48] – Working to create a homogeneous approach doctor by doctor.

[21:53 – The role a balance between clinical expertise and organizational management played in DentalPros’ success.

[24:31] – How PNG informed the “Sky is the Limit” DentalPro company motto.

[26:59] – Michel shares his thoughts on the connection between team sports and business

[29:11] – The business attitude that drives Michel crazy.

[30:16] – Michel shares his immersion-style music listening preference, his favorite bands (The Cure, Talking Heads), and the special concert he’s attending soon.

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