Vyra Scher

Vyra Scher

Founder, Lechery

Vyra Scher is a transgender Asian immigrant woman who launched LECHERY an affordable luxury brand offering gender-neutral European hosiery, socks, and shapewear at just 20 years old. In less than two years, the business has grown from 0 to $15 Million with 100,000 loyal customers and availability at major retailers such as Target, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks, HSN, QVC, Belk, and Lord & Taylor.

Vyra shares her traumatic background, her escape to the US, the challenges she’s faced as a woman and an asylum seeker, and how those challenges propelled her to launch her own business, build a community, and find an underserved segment in her market that helped her create a compelling and successful brand.


[01:14] – Dino opens the show and introduces his guest, Vyra Scher, the young founder of LECHERY  an affordable luxury brand offering gender-neutral European hosiery, socks, and shapewear.

[02:55] – *Trigger warning. Vyra shares her background—a story of trauma and resilience.

[05:52] – Facing prison, the risky move that Vyra made with only $1200 to her name.

[08:00] – Vyra’s twofold reason for Launching LECHERY

[09:00] – The deeper meaning behind the Lechery mission

[11:31] – A community where the nonbinary and body positivity community could share without judgment.

[12:22] – “The sanctuary for the sexy you,”: Lechery’s mission to help ALL people express their sexiest selves.

[14:20] – Vyra shares the most important steps in launching a successful brand that will dominate and find a home with the big box retailers.

[17:09] – No VC necessary: How a little-known fact about construction workers gave Vyra the green light to launch her gender-neutral hosiery company.

[18:42] – Ambitious leadership—how embracing the idea that she didn’t fit the traditional mold of an entrepreneur helped her use her unique perspective to her advantage.

[21:22] – The lessons she’s learned as a young Founder and the number one trait she feels makes a strong leader.

[23:03] – How she keeps from sacrificing success for likeability.

[23:56] – Vyra shares the two key ingredients to being a successful leader.

[25:17] – The challenges of starting a business in the US as an asylum seeker.

[27:10] – Using the fuel of rejection to take LECHERY from 0 to seven figures in less than two years.

[29:51] – The disparity in VC funding between genders.

[32:36] – Despite the MeToo movement sexual harassment and abuse is still very much prominent in the workplace. The frightening experience that kept Vyra from going the VC route.

[37:21] – You can learn more about Vyra and LECHERY on their website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

[37:56] – The hobbies that Vyra engages in that help her deal with her stress and keep her creative juices flowing.

[39:10] – How listening to stories of other founders and people with influence inspires Vyra and the podcasts she listens to, (besides ​​AL4EP):  Diary of a CEO with Stephen Bartlett and Hilo with EmRata, (aka Emily Radikowski).

[40:08] – The phrase that Vyra finds viscerally annoying (and Dino says may have “jumped the shark” ) and a glaring lack of honesty in the world of business.

[42:10] – Vyra shares the advice she learned from High Low with EmRata that has helped her enter her “B**** era” and embrace her feminism.

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Vyra’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/vyrascher

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