Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan

Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan

Keynote Speaker,, Leadership Coach, Team-Builder -Whitney Sullivan Coaching

Join me in this engaging discussion with fellow leadership coach Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan as we examine the vital role of empathy in leadership and how too much empathy can be just as damaging as too little.

We discuss the necessity of maintaining boundaries on compassion and the courage required for difficult conversations. We tackle the challenges that come with transitioning from a peer to a leader, highlighting the often blurred boundaries between work and personal relationships underscoring the importance of self-kindness, clear role definition, and the establishment of new expectations.


[02:16] – Meet Whitney and learn how her background shaped her unique leadership perspective.

[05:57] – The pivotal moment that taught Whitney about the challenges of overusing empathy. Plus, self-reflection questions to help assess if you’re taking empathy too far.

[20:35] – How to recognize insufficient empathy.

[25:42] – Actionable strategies and practical exercises for empathetic leadership.

[29:24] – The significance of boundaries in leadership and fostering a healthy work environment.


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Whitney Sullivan


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