Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney

Chief Strategy Officer, Rally Bright

Today we talk to Mike Sweeney, Chief Strategy Officer at RallyBright, and executive coach and a seasoned leader with a distinguished career that includes serving in the military before transitioning to the corporate world. Mike has a passion for coaching leaders, accelerating organizational change, and building and leading high-performing teams.

Mike talks about some of the more subtle leadership lessons from the military, the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in leadership, and the role of technology in enhancing team performance and experience.

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[00:53] – Today Dino is talking with Mike Sweeney, Chief Strategy Officer at RallyBright, a platform for teams that includes behavioral-science-backed software to help business leaders build high performing teams by finding the factors that will supercharge their success and improve performance.

[02:21] – Mike introduces himself as a girl dad, runner, and a learner, who focuses on building high-performing teams and living his values.

[03:15] – Mike discusses his journey to becoming the leader he aspired to be, including learning from his dad and the military’s servant leadership principles.

[06:12] – Mike highlights the deeper leadership lessons he gained from the military, including building strong relationships within a team.

[11:36] – Challenging the stereotypes of autocratic leadership in the military.

[12:11] – Mike emphasizes the need for trust and belief in a leader to inspire others to execute tasks, especially in high-stakes situations.

[14:17] – Exploring alternative conflict resolution methods in interpersonal and international conflicts.

[14:44] – How Mike’s transition from the military to corporate life taught him the impact of team skills on organizational performance.

[15:05] – Mike shares a transformative experience that led him to the realization that focusing on interpersonal skills alongside technology drives better performance.

[15:54] – Mike shares his passion for organizational development and learning and development (L&D), and the challenges and value he finds there.

[21:11] – Mike offers his practical advice for someone taking on a new team without formal or team training.

[21:39] – Mike emphasizes the importance of understanding the system, knowing the team members, and setting a clear mission to improve team performance.

[23:16] – How to optimize a diverse team.

[23:51] – Why knowing one’s vulnerabilities and strengths is crucial in leadership.

[27:13] – Transitioning from conforming to being more authentic.

[32:23] – Comfort isn’t the goal: the importance of balancing growth and comfort within a team.

[37:35] – The role of technology in team building.

[38:34] – Using technology as a means to enhance team experience, communication, growth, and fundamental human skills for high performance.

[41:51] – You can connect with Mike at RallyBright.com and his coaching practice at SaberCoaching.com.

[42:47] – Mike shares how his hobby outside of work taught him that foundational habits are critical AND rest and recovery are crucial.

[43:55] – The word he would like to rebrand to “call it what it really is” based on his desire to “engage with technology on his own terms and in his own time.

[44:43] – The food for the soul that’s not only contagious, but Mike thinks makes the biggest difference for teams for stress relief.

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