Melissa Kwan

Melissa Kwan

CoFounder and CEO eWebinar

Our guest today is Melissa Kwon, co-founder and CEO of eWebinar. Melissa is a 3x bootstrapper navigating the entrepreneurial world while embracing the digital nomad lifestyle.

In our discussion, she talked about finding her authenticity and how that shaped her approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. She explained why the bootstrapping path was a better approach for her than looking for VC funding. We also delved into the unique experiences and challenges of being a digital nomad. Melissa also dispelled some myths and offered valuable insights into building and effectively managing fully remote teams.


[02:00] – Melissa Kwon, introduces herself and eWebinar her webinar automation system.

[04:00] Melissa shares her experience with her previous startups, the challenges of raising venture capital, the sacrifices required for massive startup growth, and why she decided not to pursue that path.

[10:00] – Melissa discusses the fresh approach she took when starting eWebinar with a clear vision compared to her previous startups and why it’s vital to her to learn the necessary skills and prioritize ventures that align with her values and happiness.

[14:00] – The challenge of going against the traditional model of pursuing skills and career first, and how she learned to detach from ego-driven communities in order to focus on doing what she loves.

[17:00] – Melissa talks about transitioning to a digital nomad lifestyle, her experiences in various communities, including in Amsterdam, and offers advice for those considering a digital nomad lifestyle to live more freely

[22:00] – Melissa highlights the key traits she looks for in a successful remote team and shares her strategy of empowering team members while swiftly addressing any issues.

[30:00] – Melissa describes how eWebinar works and how to get a live demo.

[32:00] – Melissa shares the behind-the-scenes of how her travel impacts her professional life, the business expressions that drive her crazy, and the special dish she loves.

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