Today’s episode is a special one. We’re thrilled to bring you our third annual “Business Jargon that Drives Us Crazy” show but with a delightful twist. In the past, we dedicated a single episode to showcase the answers to my favorite question of the podcast: “What is the business cliche or jargon that drives you crazy?” However, with our weekly show, we now have more insightful responses to share.

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, we present you with part one, featuring the thought-provoking answers from July to December 2022. Make sure to mark your calendars because, on July 4, we’ll release part two, highlighting the first six months of 2023. And remember, you can always find these insightful answers at the end of every one of our episodes. Enjoy!


[00:20] – Kim Driscoll made history as the first woman elected as governor in Massachusetts. She was on Episode 49 before the primaries and shared the business cliché you heard in the clip that annoys her.

[01:08] Today, we’re doing a special episode featuring my favorite question of the podcast, the business jargon that annoys people.

[02:06] – In Episode 57, Jackie Indrisano shared the phrases she considers “a cop-out used by individuals resistant to progress and not interested in listening.”

[02:24] – Jackie discusses her aversion to cancel culture, advocates for alternative approaches to resolving conflicts and disagreements, and emphasizes the importance of freeing yourself from societal expectations.

[03:55] – The other phrase that Jackie mentioned that was a common thread for many guests, including Episode 46 with Matt Sawyer

[04:44] – Switching gears, in Episode 59, Arielle Nissenblatt challenges the common stereotype about podcasts.

[05:12] – Challenging the idea of “fake it till you make it” in the business world. In Episode 64, Wil Reynolds shares that his authenticity and transparency are his whole shtick because he’s super honest about his wins and losses.

[6:20] – In Episode 66, Judi Fox talked about something that may be considered the exact opposite of the “fake it till you make it” syndrome.

[6:28] – We’re going to close this little loop about public perception, going back to Episode 56 with Ronnell Richards, who talks about his pet peeve, about the public’s perception of a specific group of professionals.

[08:44] – In Episode 51, Tonya Montella talks about an expression we all hear so regularly that we’ve stopped paying attention to it.

[09:26] -In <a…