Arielle Nissenblatt

Arielle Nissenblatt

Head of Community and Content, Squadcast

Arielle Nissenblatt’s is the community team manager at SquadCast, a remote recording software solution. Her obsession with podcasts began when she learned she loved being entertained by audio. An advocate and influencer in the podcast community, she founded EarBuds Podcast Collective in 2017. EarBuds is a weekly podcast recommendation engine that sends a newsletter with a theme and 5 podcast episodes on that theme, with each weekly issue curated by a different person.

Arielle is also a founder of Podcast Taxonomy, an international multidisciplinary effort to standardize roles and credits in the podcast space.

We talk about building a community as a long-term investment. Arielle shares her insight into what it takes to engage a community over the long haul successfully and how Arielle’s podcasting influencer involvement is turning into a win-win for all.


[03:02] – Arielle shares the history of her longtime love of being entertained by audio.

[04:42] – The passion that led Arielle to start the EarBuds Podcast Collective newsletter in 2017.

[06:42] – The bold move Arielle made that granted her entry into Podcast Movement and opened the door to a full-time job in the podcasting industry.

[07:47] – The questions Arielle and her team are asking to build a thriving community team at SquadCast.

[10:39] – Why community engagement and growth is a long-term investment.

[12:08] – Digging in to successfully define community for an organization.

[15:30] – The key teams that make the SquadCast community a success.

[17:15] – How SquadCast employs social content and feed drops to promote and determine the community’s needs.

[19:00] – How the product development team is leveraging the community’s input to bring about big design changes.

[20:00] – The advantages of employing your community as the human side of marketing.

[21:30] – Arielle shares how her position as manager of the community team and her involvement in the podcasting community creates a win-win for SquadCast.

[22:44] – The pivotal moments in her journey that helped Arielle prepare for her job as an influencer.

[25:53] – Half the battle is just being aware of what’s going on and having an opinion that you really believe and can back up.

[27:08] – I asked Arielle when she learned to delegate.

[28:37] – Arielle shares the growth journey of Earbuds Collective—from its upstart beginning to fully monetized.

[31:35] – Arielle offers her insight into other ways podcasters can profit from their shows outside of a financial return to make their investment worthwhile.

[34:23] – I ask Arielle to share some of her passions outside of work.

[36:45] – Arielle offers up the one expression about podcasts she’s tired of hearing.

[37:57] – Arielle shares her favorite book.

[38:30] – Thank you and closing remarks.

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