Matthew Lee Sawyer

Matthew Lee Sawyer

Marketer, Author, Professor

Photo by: Peter Serling

Today’s guest is Matt Sawyer. Matt and I worked together a long time ago, and he taught me a lot about how to develop successful partnership with people who have a different work style or strengths. I still consider him a great mentor and friend. After a long and successful career as a marketing leader, Matt now divides his time between consulting and teaching at NYU and Columbia University. He is also the author of the upcoming book Make It In America, a book that explains the success factors and considerations for international companies interested in entering the US Market.


[04:03] – Matt Sawyer introduction
[07:16] – What are some of the ways that you drove transformation through this organization? And what can we learn from that?
[09:45] – As you think about your style as a leader and sort of what you admire and respect in leaders, what were some of the key moments in your career? What are some of the key traits you see as fundamental when you are your best self as a leader?
[11:33] – What made you decide to fully dedicate yourself to communicating and teaching?
[15:30] – What are some of the lessons, a leader in a corporate world, can take and be successful in a classroom?
[18:57] – How has your definition of success changed over the years?
[19:40] – You have just finished writing a book, which is coming out in December.
[21:58] – What are a couple of interesting areas that are unique to the American system that people need to be aware of?
[24:56] – Is there another case study you can share?
[27:55] – Is there any case of something that you see as a great best practice from a company that is coming into the US or is the book focusing on the topic of explaining what can go wrong?
[30:24] – What are the three or four key things for someone who is starting a business to think about?
[31:30] – What are some of the best practices for a company to maintain its own culture while also embracing the local culture?
[33:45] – Are there some best practices processes that you have seen in some of your case studies?
[34:52] – Are there lessons that can apply the other way, to American companies that want to go abroad?
[35:57] – Is there an interest outside of your professional interest or hobby or a passion that you have? And how has that helped you in your professional world?
[37:10] – What is the business expression or jargon that drives you crazy?
[38:04] – Food for the body or food for the soul?
[39:21] – Thank you and closing remarks.

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