Judi Fox

Judi Fox

Founder - LinkedIn Accelerator

Today’s guest is Judi Fox, the Founder of LinkedIn Business Accelerator, the coaching program to help you network and position yourself to get the most out of LinkedIn and find new opportunities while building a solid support community.

We talk about how to build an authentic presence on LinkedIn by tapping into who you are as a leader and using that as a platform to create relatable content, make long-term genuine connections, and network in a way that’s true to who you are.


[01:28] – Judi’s pivotal role in helping launch this podcast

[02:48] – Judi shares her career journey and how she used her LinkedIn business-building skills to launch LinkedIn Business Accelerator.

[04:43] – Judi shares the encounter with a toxic leader that opened her eyes to her authentic self and what she wanted to do.

[07:39] – Judi shares how a coach helped her see that relationship with a toxic management team through a new lens.

[10:24] – How collaborating and connecting with other small businesses through strategic networking on LinkedIn helped establish Judi Fox Consulting.

[12:29] -Judi shares the story of her transition from environmental consulting to creating the four-part model that became LinkedIn Business Accelerator.

[14:40] – Being on a more intimate, impactful team at a woman-owned business helped Judi expand her vision, opening the door to an entrepreneurial future.

[15:47] – The tipping point that launched Judi’s visibility and helped her put LinkedIn Business Accelerator into the public eye.

[18:09] – How the LinkedIn Business Accelerator helped Dino network in a way that feels more authentic to who he is at his core.

[19:08] – “You truly are a leader because you decide you are a leader in yourself’: How to look within to create your inward leadership voice.

[20:37] – How the story Acres of Diamonds helped Judi cement the idea that you already have the tools inside of you to be a leader.

[21:49] – How to stop chasing visibility and connect with those who resonate in your space.

[22:56] – How to take the first step in merging onto the “LinkedIn highway of content flow.”

[25:18] – Judi shares her #foxrocks acronym for creating genuine, authentic, shareable, relatable, and valuable content.

[28:33] – Judi shares how to create tipping point relationships in your industry on LinkedIn.

[31:38] – What’s a touchpoint?

[33:03] – Judi shares the dos and don’ts of genuine LinkedIn networking.

[35:45] – Judi’s template message to respond to unsolicited attempts to sell to you on LinkedIn.

[37:11] – The BIG benefits of being open to everyone on LinkedIn.

[38:44] – How to connect with Judi on the web (and follow the hashtag #foxrocks).

[39:42] – How being outside and hiking helped Judi to refresh.

[40:30] – Judi shares the business jargon that drives her crazy.

[42:23] – How TikTok inspires Judi’s love for interior design as art.


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