Tonya Motella

Tonya Motella

Women's Career Change Coach

Tonya Montella is a coach helps women manage their career. Often, when people look for help in managing their career, it’s when they feel the need to make a change. The reality though is that to have a successful career, you need to manage it proactively at every step. Tonya had great advice covering every aspect of career management, from making sure that you thrive and are recognized at your current job, to figuring out when it is time to change, and how to go about changing your job.

Key Takeaways

[02:12] – Let’s introduce you to our listeners. What are you doing now? And tell us a little bit about your journey. What is relevant for them to know as to how you got here?
[04:16] – Is there a personal experience you’d be willing to share as to how you have applied these principles to your career thinking?
[05:32] – If you look back far back in your career, what was the first moment when you had to face a transition, and what were some of the challenges that you overcame in that situation?
[07:02] – At what point in your career did you start narrowing down? Sort of like consciously thinking of like, okay, this is what I like doing. This is sort of the passion that I want to pursue. And what were some of the aha moments into getting into there?
[08:41] – As you look back at sort of some of the experiences that may not be intuitively tied to this teaching. What is an example of something that didn’t seem related to your passion, but ultimately helped you?
[10:07] – What was a challenging moment for you that maybe led to, you know, a turn or learning that you were not expecting?
[11:37] – How was the experience of working so closely with your husband as he was launching his own business? And how has that experience prepared you for your own business launch?
[13:05] – What was the experience of working with your husband?
[14:41] – How do some of that dynamics translate in your work with your clients right now?
[16:28] – What are some of the steps that everybody should take? Whether or not they like their current job, you know, steps to be proactive in managing their career.
[18:06] – What are some of the deeper, less intuitive questions; areas that you should work on in your work environment to kind like assess where you are and how your current position is playing out in your career overall?
[19:29] – What are some of the steps and what benefits could they get in working with a career coach even to stay within their company and progress within their company?
[20:57] – What is fair for somebody to expect out of the manager? And how should you assess the conversation in terms of the response that you get? So, you know, just to summarize. What should anybody expect to be able to ask their manager if they ask it in a polite and civilized way?
[23:46] – What are some courses of action that you can take if you still want to keep this job that you love where maybe you have a problematic relationship with your manager?
[25:52] – What are some things that you should do in case one, which is definitely not a place you want to work for in the long run?
[26:50] – What do you need to do to avoid making a mistake? Just because your decision is driven by the need to leave.
[28:29] – What are two or three things that you can say to somebody in that position to say, there’s hope and don’t give up?
[30:00] – What are some of the challenges that are unique to women in managing their careers? And what is some of the advice that you have for them?
[31:29] – What’s a hobby or a passion that you have? And how has that shown up in your work?
[32:27] – What is the business cliche or expression or jargon that drives you crazy?
[33:03] – Food for the body or food for the soul?
[34:11] – Thank you and closing remarks.

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