Ronnell Richards

Ronnell Richards

Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder Business and Bourbon, Author

Can there be such a thing as being authentic in sales? Our guest, Ronnell Richards is an entrepreneur who spent over two decades in sales. He has been a producer, has built and led sales organizations in tech and telecom, and he runs a very successful sales training business. His upcoming book, (Shut The Hell Up And Sell )puts forward a vision of selling that is based on building genuine relationships and meeting your client needs.
Ronnell’s belief is that successful long-term sales careers are based on constantly delivering more value to your clients than what you are getting in return, the exact opposite position of the traditional myth of the great negotiator as someone who captures an overwhelming majority of the value.
[02:32] – In general, salespeople often get a bad rap, and at its best, sales is one of
the most authentic disciplines.
[04:13] – I ask Ronnell to introduce himself, tell us where he came from, and where he
is now.
[08:26] – Ronnell had the opportunity to identify a very valuable talent.
[10:58] – Ronnell shares a brief story that comes from his new book.
[13:46] – As sellers, it’s your job to always advocate for the customer and be on their
[14:48] – The most successful sellers understand that it’s all about connecting and
building relationships.
[18:07] – Sales happen organically when you are truly in service of your customer and
providing impactful solutions.
[21:58] – It took years for the lightbulb to go off and realized there was no repeat
[25:37] – The track to becoming a sales leader starts with becoming a successful seller.
[29:14] – You must start by managing and leading people as individuals. Get with
them on their level and understand what matters to them.
[31:52] – Ronnell encourages sellers to be active on social media and to be their
authentic selves on social media.
[33:08] – The key to long-term success in business, is connecting with people.
[38:21] – At the end of the day, it’s not just about what is good for the customer but also for your business.
[40:17] – It all comes back to building great relationships with people you have great alignment with.
[41:00] – I ask Ronnell if he has a hobby or interest outside his work.
[41:50] – Ronnell shares the business expression that drives him crazy.
[42:21] – Food for the Body or Food for the Soul.
[43:59] – Thank you and closing remarks.


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