Jason Greer

Jason Greer

Founder Greer Consulting, INC

Zenica Chatman

Zenica Chatman

Speaker, Personal and Executive Coach

Today’s episode is a special one as we honor the Juneteenth holiday. In this episode, we’re resharing a small extract from my conversations with two incredible guests from last year, addressing the progress that still needs to be made.

First up, we have Jason Greer, a renowned labor and diversity expert, founder of Greer Consulting Inc, and author of the book Bias, Racism & the Brain.” Then, we’ll hear from Zenica Chatman, a dedicated coach specializing in empowering women to overcome workplace bullying.

Listen in as we delve into thought-provoking discussions on bias, racism, and creating a positive workplace culture on the path to a more inclusive society.


[00:10] – Dino opens the show and shares that in honor of the Juneteenth holiday, he will revisit two conversations he had last year, Jason Greer in Episode 31 and Zenica Chatman in Episode 50.

[00:51] – Jason, a labor and diversity expert, shares the dual missions that drive him forward and his family’s personal battle that fuels his passion for eradicating racism during his lifetime. [04:05] – Jason shares the background behind his book Bias, Racism & the Brain: How we got here & what needs to happen,” that he co-authored with his best friend, Phil Dixon, that takes people into his stories to open peoples eyes to help them see their biases through a new lens.

[08:37] – In a world where technology connects us more than ever, our brains still function as if we’re primitive beings searching for survival. True self-awareness often requires a wake-up call to see our own prejudices through a new lens.

[09:42] – Helping people tap into their stories.

[10:03] – Jason shares how companies can get started with  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, why it’s vital to be honest about why you are doing it, and why your company’s culture really matters.

[12:46] – You can listen to the full interview with Jason here, in Episode 31 of the “Authentic Leadership For Everyday People” podcast. You can learn more about Jason and his company at Greer Consulting Inc.

[13:41] – Zenica Chatman shares the statistics and background of the discrimination and bullying of women of color in the workplace.

[16:02] – How the “angry black woman” stereotype feeds into the discrimination dynamic at work.

[17:47] – How DEI initiatives are falling short for women of color in the workplace and the intentional steps companies can take to address bullying and harassment in their organizations.

[20:24] – How mentoring has led to some of Zenica’s clients going from being in the throes of a bullying situation to mentoring others AND advocating for themselves.

[21:30] – Zenica shares three steps leaders can take to make an impact for women of color within their company.

[23:15] – If you would like to hear the whole conversation with Zanika, it’s Episode 50 of the podcast. You can also learn more about her by visiting her website at Zenica Chatman Coaching.

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