Jason Greer

Jason Greer

Founder Greer Consulting, INC

Authentic Leadership for Everyday People is the podcast where we investigate the connection between effective leadership and authenticity. If you are looking for inspiration and tips on how to become a better leader by being your true self, you are in the right place.

Today’s guest is Jason Greer, he is an entrepreneur who specializes in labor relations. With a focus on creating a positive environment and has been dubbed the “employee whisperer”. Greer started his own consulting firm and is ranked in the top 5% of consulting businesses in his field. Greer is also an author of the book called Bias, Racism & the Brain: How we got here & what needs to happen.

In this episode Jason talks about his leadership style and how to bridge the tension between managers and employees in the work place. We also have a very candid situation about race and diversity in the workplace, and why increasing diversity in the long run benefits everyone.

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[02:19] – To start out, why don’t you introduce yourself to our listeners.
[02:44] – Jason, how did you go down this career path? What was the inspiration that made you enter the field of labor and management relations?
[04:58] – Take me back to the moment, what was it like to realize you had found your calling?
[06:13] – Are there moments when you are talking to one side, that you are helping consulting to one side, that you draw on your experience from being on the other side? And what’s the conversation like  at that point?
[08:11] – What techniques do you use to teach managers to incorporate the idea of vulnerability as an ongoing practice when they are dealing with their counterparts?
[10:32] – Was there a specific moment when you realized the type of leader you wanted to be? And what type of leader do you want to be?
[14:07] – If you would be comfortable sharing a situation where you were forced to make a choice like that and how you naviaged it.
[16:38] – How do you pass this mindset to your team? And how do you coach them on how to make the right decision according to the right values?
[18:48] – What was your definition of success when you started out? And how has that changed now?
[21:21] – It is very clear to me that a lot of what is driving you is the idea of fulfilling your mission. So, what is your mission?
[25:18] – A good way to get into this topic, it would be for you to tell us a little bit about your book
[30:39] – Where should they start? What are the most important elements for it?
[33:37] – What are some of the changes that companies can make to actually start generating a broader pipeline, a broader number of opportunities for people from the  beginning of their career?
[38:03] – What has been your experience, creating this type of program within corporate america?
[40:05] – Trying to build this type of mentorship program in corporate america, and what has worked, if anything? And what has been your experience?
[42:56] – What do you think it is going to take for more diverse candidates to actually make that next step to become chief people officers?
[44:57] – Do you have a hobby or a passion that is really important to you? And how has that impacted your professional life?
[46:33] – There are expressions in business, business jargon in every era. That after a while loses its meaning. Which is the expression that drives you crazy right now?
[47:39] – Final question, food for the soul or food for the body.
[49:00] – Thank you and closing remarks.

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