Zenica Chatman

Zenica Chatman

Today’s guest is Zenica Chatman. Zenica was working in corporate America as a communication manager when she was the victim of a bullying episode at work. She took her own experience overcoming her situation and now she is a coach who works with women of color who have been bullied in the workplace.

In our conversation, we first focused on the problem of bullying in the workplace in general. We had a very practical conversation on what people can do to address and prevent the problem. Zenica had excellent specific advice from all perspectives, and she shared what victims, HR people, corporate leaders and peers can do. Then we zeroed in on the specific challenges that women of color face in the workplace, and why it is important to tackle the problem specifically for them.

[03:15] – Welcome, let’s start by giving my listeners, who you are and a little bit of what’s relevant in your story, and how you got to the point where you are.
[05:51] – What were some of the other drivers in your decision to leave corporate America and dedicate fully yourself to this?
[07:26] – I would love our listeners to hear a little bit more about your personal journey. You started your own business and was that in the middle of the pandemic or before?
[08:06] – As you thought about building your business, what were some of the steps that you took?
[09:51] – What were some of the factors that helped you find the courage?
[11:50] – If you think back about your journey up to, you know, when you started experiencing the bullying, what were some moments in your life that you. Helped you prepare for making that transition?
[14:38] – What were some of the key experiences that helped you get to that point?
[17:12] – What was it like to get the first client?
[18:00] – When was the moment that you knew that it was actually going to last?
[19:31] – What are some of the examples of bullying in the workplace? And if you’re an employee that’s on the receiving side of it, what may be some early warning signs?
[21:30] – Is there a way when you are looking at a potential employer to start screening for this type of things to say like, oh, maybe that’s really a place where there’s a higher risk?
[24:53] – What are some steps that HR departments can take to start preventing this type of behavior?
[27:48] – What can a leader of a big team or a department, or even a CEO, what should they be looking for, looking from the top to find and prevent instances of some of their subordinates, some of their middle manager, et cetera, be bullies? What are some of the steps that they can take to prevent that?
[30:01] – What do you do if you are a peer of the person that’s being bullied and you witness that happening?
[31:42] – How do you recommend a bystander take action?
[34:30] – What makes the bullying of women of color unique and what makes it so relevant?
[37:15] – What are some of the other elements and common themes that you’ve heard from your peers? Who’s gone through similar experiences?
[38:58] – What are some additional steps that relate specifically to bullying of people and, then specifically women of color?
[40:53] – Have you encountered places that have an example of a great practice that is actually helping and creating impact?
[41:26] – Have there been cases of some of your clients that have been able to overcome this and then been in a mentoring position and been effective at mentoring to prevent other people in the same situation?
[42:45] – What are two or three actions that you would want somebody who’s listening now, to be like I can take these steps and make the environment better in my company?
[44:27] – What is an interest or a hobby or a passion that you have that is not work-related and has in any way, shape, or form also influenced the way that you work?
[45:55] – What is the expression or the business cliche that drives you crazy?
[47:10] – Food for the body or food for the soul?
[48:40] – Thank you and closing remarks

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