When I interview my guests, I often ask this question: what are your leadership principles? It’s only fair that at some point you get to hear some of my leadership principles.

You may recall a few months ago, we had an episode about mothers and leadership where I interviewed Daniella Rabbani. In that episode, I mentioned that I took many of my foundational leadership principles from my mom.

So today, it’s just me talking – I am going to share those learnings. As Mother’s Day approaches and the anniversary of my mother’s passing draws near, it’s a fitting way to pay tribute to her. You will hear six principles that inform the way I aspire to be a leader that I learned from her. I hope you also find some inspiration in this.



[00:10] – I am excited to introduce a special episode of Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, where I pay tribute to my mother in honor of Mother’s Day and share the leadership lessons I learned from her.

[01:23] – This episode is dedicated to my mother, who passed away almost a year ago. In her memory, I want to share six leadership principles she taught me, which influenced my leadership style.

[03:44] – You can’t do anything if you apply yourself: my mother encouraged me to work on my weak areas and become good at my natural strengths. This lesson has helped me become the leader I am today.

[05:43] – Start any relationship with trust: my mother’s complete trust in me during my whole school career taught me the importance of starting any relationship with trust and not micromanaging people.

[07:40] – Value honesty and transparency above all: my mother taught me the importance of transparency and creating a space where people are encouraged and rewarded for their honesty. Her teachings have influenced my leadership style.

[09:59] – I encourage my teams to bring any issues or problems directly to me because I believe that honesty and transparency create better cultures in teams and organizations.

[10:23] – Lead in service of others: my mother found joy in doing things for others, and I try to incorporate this principle in my own leadership style, believing that it is a valuable trait for any leader to have.

[11:04] – How my mother turned her own tragedy into service of others. I share the traumatic experience of losing my younger brother to SIDS and the impact it had on my family.

[12:54] – What my mother’s work with the Italian Association of Parents of SIDS Victims taught me about the importance of making an impact.

[14:03] – I share a touching story of my mother’s impact and how her kindness and empathy led two SIDS families to find hope on the other side of tragedy.

[15:11] – I learned a valuable leadership principle from both my parents: the role of a leader is to serve and empower others.

[16:18] – The importance of taking ownership, persisting, and not giving up. From a young age, I was taught the importance of accountability and managing situations myself. As a leader, it’s my responsibility to own the consequences of losses while sharing the wins with my team.

[19:12] – Separate love and long-term relationships from individual issues: creating an environment where people feel safe and secure leads to success. If you can apply this principle in your life and as a leader, you can do a lot of good for people and achieve great success.

[20:18] – I hope that the principles my mother lived by and that I have shared today will help listeners find their own ways to act, lead, work with people, and relate to those in their lives.


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