Daniella Rabbani

Daniella Rabbani

Host, Mom Curious Podcast, Actress

“The mother as a leader is an underrepresented conversation. It’s hard to articulate how much mothers impact society. And it’s a messy job. But that child is going to be the leader of tomorrow. We’re going to live in a world where that child gets to call the shots.” – Daniella Rabbani

Daniella Rabbani is a mother, an actress, a singer, a voice-over artist, and the host of the Mom Curious podcast that explores the complexities and challenges of parenthood through open and honest discussions on everything from egg freezing to non-binary pregnancy and everything in between.

We talked about how Daniella found her way and identity in acting, the power of persistence and the process of turning a creative endeavor into a profession, and what she has learned about herself and leadership from the mothers everywhere that she has featured on her podcast.



[01:42] – A special dedication of this episode: Dino offers insight into the impact his mother, Carla, who passed away recently, had on his life and made him who he is today.

[03:35] – Introducing Daniella Rabbani, actress in movies like Ocean’s 8, voice-over artist, podcaster, and storyteller.

[04:38] – Daniella describes how becoming a mother sparked an interest in giving other mothers a voice and a platform to share the mostly untold stories of motherhood.

[06:38] – How a need for an outlet led Daniella to become a performer where she could use her creative force for good.

[10:41] – Readers, do you recognize her voice? Daniella shares how she broke into voice-over work and her Barnes & Noble claim to fame.

[11:22] – Knowing she’s doing what the Creator created her to do keeps Daniella going when she gets rejected.

[14:38] – Daniella shares how her financially challenged background and need for money led her to try to prove herself in the arts despite the risk.

[16:31] – How her ADD brain led her to try many things and catapulted her to be honest about her gifts.

[18:40] – Daniella shares how her sense of self is not just an idea in her head but a whole-body feeling that lets her know what projects are for her.

[21:40] – How her experience at NYU helped her develop a healthy attitude toward rejection.

[23:24] – The one secret to Daniella’s success as an artist.

[24:38] – “I think about the world as a bell curve. And if we are optimizing that the only thing that matters is being in the top 1%, well, then we’re training 99% of the population to be very unhappy.”

[26:05] – Being an artist looks very simple to the naked eye…but.

[27:41] – Mothers are cell-level whole being leaders, and it’s an underrepresented conversation that Daniella is here for.

[31:50] – Daniella shares some of the stories of the mothers she gives a voice to on Mom Curious. 

[35:02] – We’re ALL different: how Daniella learned that it’s okay to focus on your own needs in the moment.

[37:57] – How podcasting has given Daniella a new avenue for self-expression and celebrating the lives of women.

[39:21] – The glory of another person’s humanity.

[39:54] – Daniella leads us through what fuels her passion outside of work.

[41:26] – Daniella shares TWO cliches that she finds annoying.

[42:05] – How memories of her Iranian grandmother’s soul-infused dishes feed her memories and her soul.

[44:39] – Where to connect with Daniella

Contact Dino at: dino@al4ep.com





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