This episode is part two of our look back at the start of the podcast through an anthology of leadership lessons from guests: Erin Barra, Dr. Steve Yacovelli, Rand Fishkin, and Marcel Quiroga.

We look at leadership from a broader point of view, tackling topic such as how do you build a music education program that gives access to underrepresented groups, the benefits of adding diversity to an organization, what founders should take into consideration when they build company values and the impact of being a woman of latina descent on the decision to start a wealth management company.


[00:08] – Introduction

[01:21] – Songwriter, educator, and creative entrepreneur Erin Barra, Director of popular music at Arizona State University, shares how she transitioned from artist to full-time educator.

[02:57] – Erin shares her profoundly ingrained sense of community service.

[04:41] – Erin shares why leaders who meet people where they are and create a safe space for people to be who they are, are more powerful.

[05:58] – Why excellence and empathy don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

[07:24] – Erin shares why joy should be central to any creative journey.

[08:18] – The delicate balance of constructive feedback and accountability that catapults growth.

[10:06] – Erin shares the probing questions she asks to garner constructive feedback.

[11:58] – Dr. Steve Yacovelli, Founder and Principal of TopDog Learning Group, discusses why self-awareness is the key to improving equity.

[13:50] – Steve shares the three-point continuum he uses to introduce the diversity, inclusion, and belonging conversation with his clients to help people get on board.

[16:13] – Steve shares why a more diverse business culture is essential to profitability.

[18:11] – The FOUR LAYERS OF DIVERSITY created by Gardenswartz and Rowe.

[19:31] – Steve shares his decision to lead from who he is – the Gay Leadership Dude™.

[21:33] – Why Steve filters all of his branding through the lens of who he is.

[24:48] – Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of SparkToro shares the pivotal moments in his leadership journey.

[26:12] -Rand shares the catalyst that led him to write, Lost and Founder.

[27:27] -” It’s really terrible to have a set of stated values, of expressed values that you sort of put on the wall and the website that are not lived up to internally.”

[28:23] – Rand shares why even great leaders suffer from imposter syndrome.

[30:37] – Rand shares three of the ‘cheat codes’ for growing a successful business.

[33:20] – The real reason behind the success of business behemoths like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

[34:33] – Marcel Quiroga, Founder, and CEO of TQM Wealth Partners, shares how being a Latina Female in a male-dominated industry has shaped her leadership role.

[37:11] – Marcel shares how one moment of being judged for being female helped her determine how she wants to lead.

[39:12] – Marcel shares the factors that influenced her decision to start her own financial services firm.

[41:28] – Marcel shares what it takes to be an authentic leader who lives up to their values.

[43:00] – Marcel shares the impact returning to her parent’s homeland of Bolivia had on her career.

[44:57] – Success is not about transactions but relationships.


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