Our guest today is Marcel Quiroga, Founder and CEO of TQM Wealth Partners, a registered investment advisory firm. Marcel is not your typical founder of a wealth management firm. First of all, she is a woman in an industry that is still very much a male dominated industry. Second, she has a unique international perspective. She grew up in the US from Bolivian parents, went back to Bolivia to start her career and then came back to the US. Finally, she put herself through college while raising her kids as a single mother, and working her way up in the industry.

All of these experiences have given her a uniquely empathetic view of the role of a financial advisor, and have led her to start a firm where success is measured not just by the numbers, but by how wealth management can improve her clients’ overall quality of life.

Marcel is also the Founder of The Legacy Dialogues, a program geared at helping people to find a path towards living their legacy and making a difference in the world. In this episode, Marcel opens up about her leadership style, the inspiration to launch her own investment advisory firm and her experience navigating the male-dominated field of finance. Marcel shares her thoughts on authenticity, leaving a legacy and why everything she does is in service of her clients’ values.

Key Takeaways:

01:27 – Introducing today’s guest, Marcel Quiroga, who speaks to the inspiration to start her own investment advisory firm and her personal leadership journey

10:05 – Marcel speaks to navigating a heavily male-dominated field and how it has shaped her experience as a leader

15:59 – Marcel shares her thoughts on authenticity and her mission to help others

26:36 – Marcel expounds on the work she’s doing at her latest initiative, The Legacy Dialogues

35:10 – Marcel talks about other passions of hers that influence the way she shows up at work

37:50 – The business phrase that drives Marcel absolutely crazy

39:56 – Marcel shares some food for your body and food for your soul

44:23 – Dino leaves the audience with the acoustic version of ‘Work Hard, Love Harder,’ a song written and performed by his wife, Susan Cattaneo

Tweetable Quotes:

“Oftentimes I felt like the places where I was working were not led by individuals who had as much focus on the human element as they did on the money element, for lack of a better term.” (04:24)

“I think one thing that helped me realize what kind of a leader I wanted to be is becoming aware of the type of leader I did not want to be from a personal perspective. Meaning, the first time I had a team that I was in charge with, I didn’t have enough self-confidence, I believe, at that time to lead the team.” (06:31)

“Ultimately, I think humility is a key trait in leadership which means I can recognize the good, the bad and the ugly. I know where my strengths are. I know where my weaknesses lie, and I’m gonna work on improving those.” (09:38)

“I want to attract other people who have that desire to do well and do good at the same time. And I want my clients to know that what we’re doing for them is beyond the numbers.” (19:00)

“The Legacy Dialogues seeks to empower and enable people to think about how they want to live their lives because we actually live our legacies. The way we live is going to influence our legacy more than what we leave behind.” (27:18)

“It’s also not easy to hear constructive criticism, but it’s so important for growth. If everybody tells us how great we are all the time, we might actually believe it. Yes, we may be good, but we can always be better.” (39:36)

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