Wendy Holloway

Wendy Holloway

Key Takeaways

[02:08] – Wendy I am so glad to have you as a guest today.

[03:30] – For my American listeners, what are the three or four things they should do when they come to Italy? Or the things that you love about the country? But let’s start, Wendy, why don’t you tell our listeners your story?

[07:03] – What was the experience of opening an office in Rome?

[09:24] – What was it like for you at the time to open an office in Rome as an American?

[11:13] – What do you think made it successful for you to do business in two or three different settings as an American in Italy? And what are some advice that you could give to somebody who is about to go and say, “I am going to start working in country X”? So more general than rather specific to a specific country.

[11:54] – What were some of the things that to you, were helpful?

[13:58] – Take the things that may look like barriers because you’re doing differently and say that actually may have advantages that I am willing to take over.

[13:34] – But it sounds like you made a very conscious decisions.

[13:52] – Accept and embrace the fact that I’m in a different environment, would that be a correct restatement?

[15:52] – So you started your baby product business?

[18:34] – How long ago was that?

[19:32] – I have this passion, how do I turn it into my life long occupation so what was that process like for you?

[22:23] – When you decided that your passion was food, how did it start turning into what then evolved into what’s Flavor of Italy today?

[26:11] – What are the three or four really special things to come to Italy and experience?

[29:32] – What are some of the maybe, more off the beaten track places?

[31:07] – Those are great opportunities as well, to experience something absolutely different. 

[32:08] – You find so many amazing places, just by going off on your own. Don’t tick everybody else’s box for travel to Italy, find your own.

[39:15] – Italy is a country of great architecture and design.

[41:04] – I love your perspective on my country, I think it is always interesting the outsider whose become the insider perspective. It’s a very different way to look at the world.


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