Susan Cattaneo

Susan Cattaneo

Americana Singer-Songwriter

Today’s episode is a little different. In Episode 36 singer-songwriter Susan Cattaneo and I discussed the lessons that leaders can learn from those who lead and teach in creative environments. Since she is my wife, we also discussed the pros and cons of working with your spouse. In this episode, Susan comes back and we talk about the process of writing, recording and producing her album All Is Quiet.

Key Takeaways

[02:40] – Let’s talk about All Is Quiet and let’s start with the type of record that it is.
[03:51] – The last record took us six months to record, we had like 5 studios, and people were there. I remember talking about this record, let’s just get two guitar players, a studio, and we’ll do it in three days.
[05:03] – What was the original title meaning?
[07:39] – Don’t be bummed out, everyone is having a different pandemic.
[10:01] – It was a very trusted team, for us.
[14:26] – I think it really is a testament to their artistry that allowed me to shine, and they supported me really beautifully.
[17:28] – Recording remotely because we couldn’t get together in real life.
[18:16] – I want to talk for a second about the harmonies.
[20:50] – Discuss the song All Is Quiet
[22:44] – The album is done a little bit old school, in that the order of the songs is well thought out.
[23:49] – A music track is being played.
[26:04] – Another music track is being played.
[26:48] – So one can say that the album begins with an end and ends with a beginning.
[27:00] – Let’s go back to the beginning.
[28:20] – The spelling of the title, is intentional.
[29:50] – The verb choices that I use are really important.
[30:39] – Thank you and closing remarks.

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