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How does stress impact leaders? In today’s episode host Dino Cattaneo shares a framework and areas of intervention to manage stress as an individual and as the leader of an organization.

This episode was inspired by this LinkedIn post by Erica Seidel. – 16 Affirmations.

Erica Seidel‘s 16 Affirmations

  1. That thing you’re worried about happening, will most likely never happen.
  2. Anxiety is a sign that we’re ignoring our own needs.
  3. Never reduce a target. Instead, increase actions.
  4. Your need to be perfect is sooooo boring.
  5. Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.
  6. Contentment isn’t a place you arrive at (financially or professionally); it’s a place you get emotionally.
  7. New activity cures anxiety. Action – of any type – is a balm on fear.
  8. Gratitude is the seed of abundance. You can’t create abundance in your life without having gratitude first.
  9. Small hinges swing big doors.
  10. Comparing yourself to others’ success only slows you down from finding your own.
  11. Match your actions to your ambition.
  12. Dreams go from impossible to improbable to inevitable. (Christopher Reeve)
  13. Sometimes reaching your greatest potential requires you to behave contrary to how you feel.
  14. Never admire a hero/mentor more than you admire yourself.
  15. Some things you’re scared of trying aren’t scary because you shouldn’t do them. They’re scary because you love them so much and you don’t want to fail.
  16. If persistence > resistance, you win.

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