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Stephen Wunker

Stephen Wunker

Managing Director, New Market Advisors; Speaker; Autor

Today’s guest is Stephen Wunker. He is the founder of New Markets Advisors, a firm that specializes in new product introductions. He is also the author of 4 books on innovation and disruption. In our conversation we discussed his career, from consulting to successful global tech entrepreneur and back to consulting, and how he developed his vision of leadership.

Stephen worked closely with Clay Christensen for a number of years, and he shared an episode that taught him a lot about what authentic leadership was for Clay. Finally, we discussed Stephen’s upcoming book, The Innovative Leader.

Key Spots:

(00:00) Show intro

(3:08) Stephen introduces himself

(12:30) Lessons in Professional Services and Growth

(18:37) Strategies for Innovative Leadership

(25:16) Creating Innovative Leaders and Organizations

(35:06) Culture of Innovation and Travel

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