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Stephen Klein - Co-Founder and CEO, Curiouser.AI

Stephen Klein - Co-Founder and CEO, Curiouser.AI

Stephen Klein returns in this episode for the second half of our conversation with him. As a reminder, Stephen is an entrepreneur and AI expert whose journey weaves through academia, business, and innovation, and he is responsible for the creation of Curiouser.AI.

In this second half, Stephen pivots his focus to the innovative world of AI and the essence of being a “crazy one” who views the world differently. Stephen shares his journey from teaching in urban public schools to founding a company with a unique approach to artificial intelligence, and he introduces the concept of reflective AI, emphasizing its role in prompting humans and pushing boundaries.

He also delves into his mission of helping entrepreneurs and founders by turning his AI into a tool for articulating and storytelling. He draws parallels between his approach and the wisdom of great thinkers like his hero Steve Jobs, highlighting the importance of thinking differently and embracing resistance.

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[2:31] – Understand AI’s complexity, embrace learning, view it as a tool, and prepare for its transformative impact.

[4:53] – Stephen explains what the ultimate goal of the company is.

[6:38] – Stephen believes that everyone is a genius in their own way.

[10:38] – Stephen moved to Philadelphia for grad school, teaching underprivileged high schoolers with innovative and empowering methods.

[14:06] – In his fifties, Stephen recognized the superpower of self-awareness, which is essential for success but often suppressed by society.

[16:52] – Stephen touches upon having studied Steve Jobs and learning that visionary leaders operate on a deep level and embrace challenges.

[18:58] – Stephen has reevaluated his assumptions and has found profound truth, that helping others succeed by thinking differently is crucial.

[22:08] – In its early stages, Stephen’s predominantly female tech company seeks capital, driven by passion and innovation.

[24:30] – Reflecting on a David Foster Wallace story, Stephen has realized that diverse perspectives are our competitive advantage.

[27:56] – Stephen touches upon some hobbies and passions outside of his professional life.

[28:44] – Stephen feels that although many claim to be innovative, they do so without truly understanding what it means, instead avoiding real risk and hindering creativity.

[29:49] – Stephen embraces ancient wisdom and finds value in both Eastern and Western philosophy.

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