We celebrate the end of the year with a bonus episode, shared courtesy of Between 2 Mics  – the Squadcast.fm  podcast. In this episode Rock Felder, co-founder of Squadcast, interviewed me and 4 other members of the Squadcast community who, like me, publish business related podcasts.
The support that Squadcast offers its community is a great example of a company walking the walk, so as I close my first year as podcaster, I am celebrating by introducing you to some of my fellow Squadcasters, and by expressing my gratitude for all the help and support I received by this community.

Full episode Notes on the Between Two Mics episode page.

Links to the podcasts featured here:

Chaz Volk’s Mr. Thrive Media
Shubham Agarwal’s Secrets of Storytellers 
Jessica Stewart’s My Modern Met
Tom Fox’s Compliance Network