Silvia Negri

Silvia Negri

Founder and Creative Director - Negri Firman PR & Communication

Today we talk to Silvia Negri, the Founder and Creative Director of Negri Firman PR & Communication. Her journey in the fashion industry began in the late 80s and early 90s, when she worked for various PR firms and directly with renowned designers such as Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein, among others. Silvia has carved an extraordinary career path, with her agency rapidly gaining global recognition in just over a decade.

Silvia shares her extraordinary journey in the fashion industry, working with prestigious designers and establishing her own firm to expand communication experiences and champion socially-minded causes, while candidly discussing the challenges she faced in the 90s and how those experiences shaped her leadership style and the collaborative culture she strives to foster in her company.


[00:45] – Dino recaps last week’s show with Dez Roc, and introduces listeners to Silvia Negri, Founder and Creative Director of Negri Firman PR & Communication.

[01:30] – Dino shares some of Silvia’s background and their special longtime connection.

[03:39] – Silvia shares her burning passion for fashion and how she seized the opportunity to enter the industry during its prime in Milan—where she met her PR mentor.

[04:15] – Silvia’s leap of faith that led to an extraordinary journey filled with fashion designers, globe-trotting, and the realization of the PR’s crucial role.

[04:39] – The thrilling responsibilities of PR: learning the ropes and proving her worth at a remarkably young age.

[06:47] – Giving it all up and starting something new—from her kitchen table.

[07:26] – The diverse landscape of lifestyle PR Negril Firman PR operates in.

[09:07] – How Silvia’s tenure at Calvin Klein ignited a fervor for experimentation and propelled her to embark on her solo journey to become a trailblazer, shaping the future of brand promotion.

[09:59] –  Expanding to New York, LA, and London to support her clients.

[10:41] – Using the challenge of growth as an opportunity and streamlining digital marketing techniques to effectively support her client’s business objectives.

[12:42] – Silvia shares some of the BIG names and influential people and causes Negril Firman PR has supported throughout the years.

[13:35] – Silvia shares how starting her career in the golden age of fashion influenced her leadership style and taught her to protect her big-name clients.

[16:51] – How the fashion industry has changed, and the one thing most of her clients seek in today’s climate.

[18:17] – How the trials she went through in the early fashion industry helped Silvia develop her strength as a leader.

[20:17] – Developing the culture at Negri Ferman through teaching, learning by example, and an appreciation for ideas no matter what rung of the ladder they are coming from.

[21:20] – What ‘confrontation’ means in Italian.

[21:28] – What it means to work in service of the image of a creative person.

[22:17] – Silvia shares the most interesting part of her job, why her family and friends don’t really understand what she does, and what she finds most remarkable about her work.

[25:25] – The importance of.authenticity in effectively conveying the real story and underlying values of products, people, and concepts.

[26:58] – Silvia unveils the critical factor fueling her remarkable global success and the most fascinating aspect of the fashion industry.

[28:10] – Silvia shares the key elements of her personality that helped her thrive working internationally throughout her career, whether as a freelancer or at Big Mazon.

[29:00] – Why technology will never replace the natural chemistry and genuine exchanges that occur when meeting face-to-face. Plus, the importance of understanding cultural nuances in communication.

[30:26] – Why Silvia believes her global team is as vital as she is, and how she selects the right team members to ensure her clients are best served.

[31:31] – How authenticity lends itself to communicating oneself or a product in today’s digital age.

[32:18] – How to create a deeper connection with the audience.

[32:35] – The fundamental essentials to ensure a product resonates with the target audience.

[33:22] – The folly of blindly chasing trends.

[34:16] – Silvia shares why she believes true success is not solely confined to career accomplishments and her insight into what leads to a whole and prosperous life.

[35:28] – To learn more about Silvia and her work, you can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram or check out Negri Firman PR & Communication.

[36:07] – Silvia shares how riding her motorcycle helps her relax and the vintage bike she rides that she calls the ‘perfect archetype of a motorcycle.’

[38:08] – Silvia shares her disdain for the overused business expressions and cliches that have become so pervasive that they have lost their impact and meaning.

[39:46] – Silvia shares what nourishes her soul and what offers her a respite from her high-octane work life.

[40:36] – How simplicity offers Silvia a refuge amidst the complexity of her professional life, providing a sense of tranquility and balance.

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