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Sean Fahey

Sean Fahey

CEO and Founder VidCruiter

Sean Fahey has been an entrepreneur his whole life. He spent the last 13 years building Vidcruiter, an HR tech company that uses software and video to significantly improve the recruiting process for organizations.
Sean shared his experience as an entrepreneur, the advantages and disadvantages of starting early and had plenty of helpful advice and suggestions for people who want to start their own business.
[01:44] – I ask Sean to share his story and how he got there.
[03:42] – Sean reveals when his path started being an entrepreneur at the age of 19.
[05:31] – Being an entrepreneur is not something that you even hear about as a career path.
[08:15] – You need to be looking at and evolving your thought process in terms of, “what do I need to improve on the current status quo”.
[11:15] – You need to find a way into the business that suits your lifestyle, your model, what you want to invest in, what your outcome is, and, you know, do you want a lifestyle business or not?
[13:59] – Sean expresses his views on investors, “If I can’t convince someone to work for free on my idea and see if it’s going to develop, why should I try to convince an investor to give me money on the idea?”
[15:33] – It’s too hard to tell if someone’s going to be good long-term within three coffee dates, but this share trade for work concept is what Sean recommends to everyone.
[18:44] – The goal is to have a win-win outcome. And so, the only way to do that is that everyone has realistic expectations about what the business is worth and where it is.
[19:15] – Sean didn’t set out to be a leader instead he set out to accomplish something.
[22:17] – It’s sort of like letting people decide the level of engagement that they want to have within the organization.
[23:46] – One of the most essential things Sean thinks a business owner needs to realize and have in their operational mindset, is that if something is not flowing perfectly, there’s a process that’s missing.
[24:45] – One of Sean’s goals is to try and make sure everyone has fun at work.
[26:04] – Sean realizes that walking into work with a happy mindset, makes for happy people.
[31:48] – If you want to be an entrepreneur, Sean recommends completing the grit test.
[33:25] – Sean fell in love with the process: the process of building the business and the process of improving the business.
[36:08] – Sean’s definition of success is about being able to walk away and have the business keep growing and making an impact.
[39:35] – The pandemic has made video interviewing popular, or maybe not popular, but normal.
[40:35] – Sean shares his hobby or interest outside of work.
[40:50] – Food for the body or food for the soul?
[42:06] – Thank you and closing remarks.
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