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Pam Prior

Pam Prior

Owner, Priorities Group, Speaker, Author

Today our guest is Pam Prior, who helps us examine leadership through a financial lens. Pam is a CFO-turned-entrepreneur and finance coach, and her mission is to make finance fun and valuable for small business owners. Drawing on her 30-year career, she shares insights on building leadership, creating a fun yet productive work environment, and the key steps entrepreneurs should take for financial soundness.

Pam stresses the significance of leaders empowering their teams, setting high expectations, and embracing a culture where failure is viewed as a learning opportunity. Her unique approach to connecting finance with storytelling and leadership provides actionable insights for entrepreneurs looking to navigate the financial landscape of their businesses. Tune in to discover how Pam Prior makes finance not only manageable but genuinely enjoyable for small business owners.


[2:24] – Pam transitioned to helping entrepreneurs, aiming to make finance enjoyable and valuable for small business owners.

[4:15] – Starting in the DuPont mailroom at 17, Pam turned routine tasks into enjoyable games, influencing her successful CFO approach for entrepreneurs.

[6:17] – Pam argues that balancing high expectations and a fun culture in leadership demands daily commitment and adaptability.

[10:02] – Pam shares a critical lesson learned from neglecting signs of overburdening having led to a $1 million fraud.

[15:26] – Taking responsibility for the crisis resulted in colleagues’ dismissal.

[17:02] – Initially accepting challenging clients for financial reasons, hear how Pam learned to heed intuition and prioritize balance.

[19:39] – Pam explains how she significantly changed her leadership style after gaining invaluable leadership insights early in her accounting career.

[22:34] – Pam communicates the importance of finance by aligning it with entrepreneurs’ goals and desired outcomes.

[24:42] – Hear three pieces of advice: separate personal and business finances, register your business, and prioritize paying yourself from the start.

[28:35] – Where can Pam be found online?

[28:57] – Pam reveals that her current passion involves diving deep into decentralized finance, Web3, and crypto for the past two years.

[29:34] – Striking a balance, Pam simultaneously loves and hates the advice: “Don’t let highs get too high or lows too low.”

[30:32] – Currently, Pam’s soul finds nourishment in spirituality and interconnected beliefs, while tuna casserole fuels her body.

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