Nico Cattaneo

Nico Cattaneo

Comedian, musician

Today’s guest is Nico Cattaneo, the author of the podcast theme music. He is also my son and a comedian. He takes us for a behind the scenes look at the life of a comedian in New York.

We talk about how he realized he wanted to be a comedian, how he took his first steps in that world. We discuss the role of open mics play in helping comedians develop their own creative voice, and what is the culture among comics in New York.


[04:08] – Nico shares his early passion for storytelling and making people laugh that emerged during a memorable school trip to a farm, setting the foundation for his love of comedy.

[07:44] – How his study of physics helped Nico launch his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

[10:17] – The unique way Nico initiated his comedy journey during the pandemic, to hone his craft before moving to New York.

[13:57] – Navigating the Comedy Community the unexpected sense of camaraderie among comedians in the New York comedy scene.

[17:55] – Nico shares his initial approach to comedy, the disciplined regime he started with, and how he transitioned away from his rigid approach finding joy in exploring his on-stage creativity.

[20:33] – Open mic nights serve as a secure space for artistic exploration, fostering support even when laughs are challenging. Nico highlights the cultural shift towards embracing failure as integral to growth in stand-up comedy at all levels.

[22:48] – Mastery in any field, including comedy, requires a significant time investment, Nico dispels the misconception of overnight success.

[24:17] – Failure is inevitable, it’s vital to adopt a sustainable mindset. Nico shares his personal strategies for dealing with setbacks.

[24:56] – Dino shares his own approach to handling failure and overcoming setbacks.

[26:20] – Nico discusses the alternative pathways and the changing landscape of comedy opportunities, including new viable routes to success.

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