Mike Waldron

Mike Waldron

Founder and Executive Director, 23rd Veteran

Brandon Harding

Brandon Harding

Founder, Reset Coaching - Retired Navy Chaplain

Today’s episode is special, coinciding with Veterans Day week.  In Episode 27 in January 2022, I interviewed Navy chaplain Brandon Harding who introduced me to 23rd Veteran—a unique mental health program for veterans dedicated to providing a unique mental health program for veterans coping with trauma. After volunteering as a coach for their programs, for the past two years, I’ve witnessed their remarkable impact.

In honor of Veterans Day, I’ve invited Brandon and Mike Waldron the Founder and Executive Director of 23rd Veteran, to join me on the show to discuss the distinctive aspects of their program, its vital importance, and the broader challenges veterans face during their transition to civilian life. We also explore the valuable leadership lessons veterans carry with them from their military service.

I hope their insights inspire you to take action this week, whether by supporting a veteran or contributing to organizations like 23rd Veteran.


[00:00] – Veterans often grapple with isolation, negatively impacting their mental health. Listen in to hear what factors contribute to this issue.

[02:08] – Mike Waldron shares his personal journey and how he founded 23rd Veteran after overcoming combat stress and PTSD through socialization and fitness. He introduces listeners to 23rd Veteran which offers a unique mental health program, featuring outdoor wellness adventures and group therapy.

[07:15] – How 23rd Veteran fosters camaraderie and trust through outdoor trips, creating positive memories and stronger bonds among veterans.

[14:11] – The biggest challenges veterans face reintegrating into civilian life.

[16:28] – The guests share the deeper leadership lessons from the military.

[24:39] – How you can help foster camaraderie and build trust with the veterans in your life.

[29:18] – Visit the 23rd Veteran’s website at 23rdveteran.org to help veterans in need and to support their vital work.


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