Mike Horne

Mike Horne

Authentic Leadership for Everyday People is the podcast where we investigate the connection between effective leadership and authenticity. If you are looking for inspiration and tips on how to become a better leader by being your true self, you are in the right place.

Today we talk to Mike Horne, an executive coach and leadership expert with over 30 years of experience leading human resources development in life sciences and high-tech organizations. Mike is also an author and the host of the podcast Authentic Change.

Mike helps executives and aspiring leaders and their teams to avoid, minimize, or reduce poor outcomes related to people and culture actions and decisions. He coaches clients on how to close the gap between probable (the best they can do) and possible (what they are capable of doing).

[01:22] – Introducing today’s multi-talented guest, Mike Horne, who feels passionately about the same topics as I do. 

[04:21] – What is self awareness and how do we unlock it so that we don’t focus on fixing deficits, but rather on goals that take us to new places?

[04:53] – A note on Mike’s book, Integrity by Design. 

[06:05] – Mike’s main areas of interest.

[07:36] – What was the process of figuring out your view on leadership and what were some ‘aha’ moments for you?

[08:53] – Complexities of Human Resources (HR) roles in organizations, and lessons that Mike learned while holding an HR position. 

[11:45] – What were some of the goals that you had when you transitioned out of the traditional corporate world and started your own leadership consulting and development practice? 

[12:52] – Key elements that leaders should be focusing on within their organization.

[17:47] – Mike explains the difference between honesty and transparency.  

[20:19] – Thoughts on the dangers of our obsession with tangible skills and neglect of intangible skills.

[23:01] – What do you think are the most challenging intersections that people face within a career?  

[25:47] – The importance of accepting that there are many ways to get to a good outcome.   

[26:15] – How to handle moving from a managerial position to a managerial position at scale.   

[27:32] – The work-from-home revolution and how it has evolved over time. 

[29:42] – Are there things that leaders can do to slow down the erosion of trust that is occuring in organizations?

[32:10] – Mike’s interest in aesthetics, and how this plays out in his personal and professional life. 

[33:04] – “Pinging,” and other business jargon that drives Mike crazy.  

[34:48] – The mouthwatering meal that most inspires Mike.  

[35:39] – Go and check out Mike’s podcast, Authentic Change, where I will soon be a guest!

[36:18] – Thank you for listening, and please leave a review if you like the podcast. 


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