Marzio Schena

Marzio Schena

CEO - Co-Founder Anote Music


Marzio Schena is the founder and CEO of Anote Music. He is a relatively young founder, and he is very candid about the pros and cons of starting a company early in your career, so there are plenty of great insights for founders.
The company is also a great new concept in music: a trading platform that allows music fans and investors to invest in and earn royalties from current catalogues owned by record labels, publishers and artists. It’s a fascinating concept that expands access to funding to a much broader group of artists and at the same time gives access to this market to a broader pool of investors. And it is also a great application of blockchain, which Anote uses to support a portion of its process as you will hear.
[02:50] – Marzio, welcome. Why don’t we start by having you introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us a little bit of your story?
[3:57] – You are a very young founder, what made you decide to start your own company so early in your career?
[05:05] – How did you go about finding co-founders? Did you have an idea of what type of co-founder would be the right co-founder? And what made a good co-founder in your mind at the time?
[06:22] – How many people are in the company right now, other than the three of you?
[06:47] – As the CEO, how did you decide what the roles would be?
[08:09] – If you think about what kind of CEO you want to be, how would you describe that?
[09:30] – What are the biggest two or three lessons about leading that you have learned in the first few years?
[11:39] – What are the qualities that you look for in people that are coming into your team?
[13:00] – Marzio explains what ANotes does.
[16:47] – How did you start gaining the trust and start making progress in this industry?
[19:37] – What were the two or three moments you had significant progress, a step towards being a viable business?
[20:52] – Roughly how many artists are on your marketplace?
[20:28] – What are some of the key barriers and how did you overcome them with the individual investors and consumers?
[23:40] – As the CEO, how are some of the challenges you face, when you have to rethink the whole approach and communicate that to your team?
[26:35] – What does success look like for you in ten years?
[28:00] – What are the two or three things for someone who wants to start their own business, needs to think about?
[29:18] – For an individual fan who is coming to your marketplace, how does it work?
[31:25] – Simply explaining blockchain.
[33:26] – Do you have any interests or passions outside of work? Is there one that has informed or been helpful in your work?
[34:27] – Is there an expression in business that drives you crazy?
[36:30] – Food for your body or food for your soul?
[38:05] – Thank you and closing remarks.
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