Kvon Tucker

Kvon Tucker

Founder, CEO, Executive & Leadership Coach, Consciously

Today we talk to Kvon Tucker, the co-founder and CEO of Consciously, a coaching and consulting company that aims to help leaders and organizations create more conscious, collaborative, and impactful workplaces. Before starting Consciously, Kvon spent over 15 years  in leadership and organizational development, spending significant time in high-growth tech companies like Netflix, Amazon and Google  and working with a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits and startups.

Kvon discusses the concept of conscious leadership, covering topics such as the challenges leaders face in growth companies, practical exercises for building a strong vision, his journey to starting Consciously, and working successfully with your life partner.


[00:45] – Dino introduces his guest, Kvon Tucker, the CEO of Consciously, a coaching, counseling, and consulting company that helps leaders become more of who they are and build

[02:51] – Kvon introduces himself as a CEO and co-founder of Consciously and talks about creating positive change in the world by helping people and leaders become more conscious of who they are and what their purpose is.

[05:13] – The biggest challenge in leadership today: Kvon talks about his journey through corporate America and how it led him to focus on consciousness and leadership development.

[08:22] – The Saboteur: Kvon discusses the downside of the hyper achiever and how it can run rampant through organizations, leading to unrealistic goals and burnout.

[09:17] – There ARE bad goals: Kvon shares his perspective on setting goals in organizations and the negative effects of stress on employees.

[09:57] – The Controller and the Stickler: how it can hinder the scaling of an organization.

[10:27] – Kvon explains how fear-driven leadership and the reluctance to delegate work can cause organizations to struggle to scale.

[11:27] – Kvon shares his observation of senior leaders’ growing disregard for the human body in high-change organizations and the lack of support provided to help people adapt to change.

[12:16] – The loss of compassion: Kvon discusses the unspoken expectation in some organizations that employees either keep up with the rate of change or get lost.

[13:15] – What is successful leadership?  Kvon shares that coach-like leaders are the ones who excel even during challenging times.

[15:17] – The importance of getting clear on the vision and communicating it to the team.

[17:12] – Kvon shares the importance of leaders who have a clear vision but also create space for their team to set the trajectory towards achieving that vision.

[17:40] – Dino talks about the challenges of middle to middle-upper management and how the successful ones communicate both with their team and with senior leadership.

[18:20] – Kvon expresses who he believes to be the most influential group in organizations and how they can develop their own vision to inspire their team and their own manager.

[19:10] – Kvon shares an exercise that helps leaders begin thinking about vision and what they want their life and work to look like.

[22:32] – Connecting the vision to the bottom line while visualizing the journey.

[[24:50] – Kvon talks about the challenges he faced in managing a team for the first time and how he learned to prioritize and delegate effectively.

[25:43] – How coaching skills help leaders navigate difficult situations and grow more effective relationships.

[26:24] – Kvon discusses how becoming a coach outside of Google helped him become a stronger leader inside Google.

[26:53] – Kvon shares how his definition of success has evolved from just making six figures to finding meaningful, purposeful work, and, ultimately, achieving space, freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

[29:23] – Kvon explains how his decision to move to Costa Rica with his family was seven years in the making and how becoming a father helped him realize the importance of being present for his family.

[32:14] – The challenges and benefits of working with your life partner, how strong communication and alignment make them effective co-leaders of their business and family, and the challenges of balancing overlapping roles.

[34:31] – Dino shares the story of another guest who started two companies with his wife and the importance of having clear roles and skills when working with a partner in business.

[35:02] – Kvon shares examples of how he and his wife have clear roles in leading their home and business.

[38:36] – To learn more about Kvon and his work and to work with him, go to Consciously or find him on LinkedIn, where he actively shares his perspectives on leadership, life, purpose, and vision.

[39:43] – Kvon shares his love for photography and how it correlates with his love for vision.

[40:33] – The expression Kvon dislikes because it feels defeatist and lacks the hope of change.

[42:14] – Kvon recommends “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron to ignite and help heal the inner artist or creative within us all.

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