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Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell

Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker, Conservationist

Today’s guest is Kelly Campbell, a former CEO turned Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach. She is also the author of Heal to Lead: Revolutionizing Leadership through Trauma Healing (Wiley), an inspired keynote speaker and a longtime conservationisttrained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader in 2017.

In this candid and raw interview, Kelly discusses the intersection of personal trauma and professional leadership, and she sheds light on the profound ways that unresolved childhood experiences can shape our leadership styles.

It’s a show – don’t tell type of conversation. She shares the story of how she founded and built a successful digital marketing agency. Kelly talks about the success, but is not afraid to delve into her own leadership challenges which were sparked by a crisis at the tender age of nine.

Like all good stories it has a happy ending, as Kelly takes us through how these experiences led her to a journey of personal, spiritual and professional transformation, and ultimately informed her mission to guide leaders through their past to enhance their influence and effectiveness.


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