Jeremy Goldman

Jeremy Goldman

Analyst, Public Speaker

Today we talk to Jeremy Goldman, the director of Marketing & Retail briefings at Insider Intelligence. Jeremy has been an authority on marketing and its intersection with technology for over a decade. He built and led a successful marketing firm, Firebrand, but ultimately decided to sell the firm and join the bigger Insider intelligence.

We talked about the journey of an entrepreneur and why he pivoted into his new role, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), how it’s changing the business landscape, and how executives can prepare themselves for this change and the future of social media.


[02:26] – Jeremy shares his circuitous route to get to where he is today and how his leadership style has changed.

[04:31] – Jeremy shares what led to his no longer wanting to be a CEO and why he chose to make a more significant impact.

[07:05] – Jeremy shares how his definition of success has shifted from personal gain to positively impacting society.

[08:34] – How a passion for his mission and making a significant impact sparks joy for Jeremy in his work.

[10:33] – Why Jeremy’s current role at Insider Intelligence provides him with the best of both worlds (for him): writing and managing.

[12:14] – How Jeremy built Firebrand to empower his team and create a culture where everyone feels like they are working towards the same end goal.

[14:44] – Jeremy shares a story about the importance of surrounding oneself with people who think differently than you do.

[16:16] – How his entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to question everything and try new things has served both him and his Insider Intelligence team.

[18:08] – Jeremy shares how you determine whether the company is receptive to entrepreneurial thinking when determining the potential for an entrepreneurial role within a larger organization.

[19:44] – The importance of assessing the degree of autonomy available in a potential role to determine if it aligns with your goals (regardless of whether or not there is a formal ‘boss’).

[22:42] – Why it’s not all about the dollar—the money is a measuring stick—you’ve got to have passion.

[25:21] – The key to success that will enable you to push yourself to give 100% effort.

[26:18] – Jeremy shares his take on the best use of AI and how you can use it to add value to your organization and connect with your audience.

[30:15] – Yes, it’s a transformative time, but new jobs will come out of the AI revolution, so familiarize yourself now for an advantage.

[32:49] – Recognizing the limitations of AI now while keeping an eye on how jobs are changing as we march toward the future.

[35:02] – Dino shares the parallels between what’s happening with AI now and how the Internet changed our lives (plus how we can be sure we are still adding value going forward).

[35:50] – Jeremy shares how to avoid taking two steps backward in a rush to innovate AI technologies in your organization.

[35:50] – How to find Jeremy and his podcast called FUTUREPROOF.

[39:34] – Twitter is culturally important but less profitable than people think, and what Jeremy believes it needs to do to succeed now.

[43:45] – Jeremy shares the project he likes to work on outside of work that allows him to make decisions about the content, placement, and topics and helps him stay in touch with his marketing side.

[46:01] – The two jargony phrases that turn Jeremy off – and more words are OK when you want to connect with your audience (and sound more human).

[47:17] – Why comic books are Jeremy’s “food for the soul” and how they inspire his creative thinking for all his other pursuits.

[49:45] – Jeremy shares the comic book characters that speak to him, like Robin, Black Adam, Young Justice, and Dark Circus.

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