Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson

Co-Founder & CEO 33 Sticks

Jason Thompson, is the Founder and CEO of 33 Sticks.  He is an expert in data and analytics, but what makes him unique is the fact that he built his business around the leadership principles of humanity and empathy.

In this episode, we delve into Jason’s journey, exploring the roots of his discontent within the Machiavellian landscape of corporate America and his quest to launch a business grounded in the principles he passionately believed in. During our conversation, Jason shared the core principles that guided him and the refinements he had to make along the way to shape the business of his vision.


[02:34] – Jason Thompson, Founder and CEO of 33Sticks shares his transition from software engineering to analytics consultancy, highlighting the founding of the company to challenge traditional service approaches.

[04:48] – Jason shares the background behind his notebook.

[09:02] – Jason outlines the two foundational principles of his leadership philosophy that have helped him create a more humanized and empowering work environment.

[16:03] – The changing definition of success.

[27:51] – The evolution of a leader—Jason reflects on his shift to acceptance of his role and the importance of finding a healthy leadership approach.

[32:24] – Jason shares how his hobbies of cooking, coffee, and music increase his value as a leader. Plus, why he’s adamant about having the work he does speak for itself.

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