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Jason Downie

Jason Downie

US CEO - Making Science

Jason Downie, is the US CEO of Making Science. From his early days touring with a cappella group Ball In the House while consulting part time at Bain, to navigating the corporate landscape at Google, Jason’s career is a captivating blend of music, consulting, and leadership that challenges conventional CEO narratives.

Join us as we explore the pivotal moments that shaped Jason’s unique path, his philosophy on success, and the intriguing intersection of business, music, and leadership. Listen in for Jason’s insights on integrating diverse passions, navigating corporate transitions, and the nuanced art of effective leadership. Jason’s experience offers inspiration for those charting unconventional career paths while staying true to themselves.


[02:20] – Jason shares his non-traditional journey from a touring a cappella group to CEO, emphasizing the value of diverse career paths.

[15:24] – Integrating the structured world of business with the creative realm of music, all with an entrepreneurial approach and the pivotal moment at the House of Blues that solidified Jason’s unique and successful dual identity.

[21:04] – The pivotal moment in New York that helped shape Jason’s people-centric leadership style

[32:38] – Jason’s transition from a small company to Google, and what it taught him about the importance of adaptability and strategic decision-making.

[35:10] – Jason shares his evolving definition of success and a leadership style born out of a personal investment in his team’s well-being.

[44:00] – Jason shares his passions which include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and reaching Mount Everest base camp.

[49:17] – Jason cautions against vague reliance on AI solutions, advocating for deep comprehension.

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