Harry Duran

Harry Duran


Harry Duran is the host of the Podcast Junkies podcast, the Vertical Farming podcast, and the founder of FullCast, a podcast agency. He also is a remarkable example of someone who has fully embraced his authentic self.

In our conversation, he shared his journey from the corporate world to independent consultant to agency founder. We also talked about his decision to start sharing more publicly his full life and the impact that had on his business connections. Finally, we had a fascinating conversation about how he founded the Vertical Farming podcast, and we discussed what someone who wants to start a podcast should take into consideration.


[02:32] – Harry shares the story of his journey from the corporate world to becoming a podcast entrepreneur to starting his own agency, FullCast, and launching over 100 shows for clients.

[05:44] – How diving into “Digital Narnia” helped Harry gain the knowledge he needed to start his podcast agency.

[07:16] – Harry shares his journey to finding his true passion in podcasting and starting FullCast, where he helps podcasters focus on their genius by providing a “done for you” service for their podcasting needs.

[11:03] – On becoming “the cosmic conduit for awakened souls ready to transmit their message to a global audience.”

[14:02] – Dino shares the importance of being explicit about one’s values and making decisions based on those values to achieve success and happiness, with authenticity being the key to this process.

[14:43] – How Harry overcame his polished corporate image and fears of being vulnerable by sharing his personal journey and experiences, which has allowed him to connect with people on a human level and help others feel less alone in their struggles.

[18:43] – Why Harry believes that putting yourself out there and having faith in the universe will bring the right opportunities and people into your life.

[20:42] – Dino shares how being open and transparent about who you are may lead to fewer but more qualified leads, resulting in a more efficient system, but there’s a caveat for it to work.

[22:43] – Harry explains how consistently writing about his experiences and passions without expecting anything in return resonates more strongly with him and those he hopes to connect with.

[25:16] – Dino expresses his gratitude to Harry for their past working relationship and his instrumental role in setting up his podcast systems and strategies (and how they’ve maintained a strong connection).

[26:06] – Harry shares some tactical and strategic advice on launching a successful podcast, from the four basic requirements to the importance of planning and commitment.

[31:11] – Harry and Dino discuss the importance of focusing on the content and sustainability when starting a podcast instead of just the tactical aspects like mic and software choices.

[32:02] – Harry discusses his experience managing a team and building an agency, emphasizing the most critical aspects of effectively leading a team.

[36:30] – How the book, “The Vertical Farm” by Dickson Despommier, inspired Harry to create the Vertical Farming podcast, a sponsorship-driven show that would appeal to the vertical farming industry.

[41:18] – Dino highlights Harry’s qualities that helped him find a market fit for his podcast and the other elements he brings to the table, which makes for a high-quality podcast and a successful business.

[43:08] – How to learn about the 5 Key Pillars of a Successful Podcast that every business owner needs to know before launching and how you can sign up for his newsletter.

[44:09] – Harry shares the passion he began pursuing at 16 and still practices today.

[45:27] – Harry shares the behavior that annoys him, which he often sees on LinkedIn and in podcast feedback.

[46:57] – Harry shares his love for Fat Freddy’s Drop, a reggae down-tempo band that creates a loungy and chilled vibe, and his recommendation for exploring to find music that moves you.

[48:10] – Dino thanks Harry for supporting his podcast and being a great guest.

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