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Greg Bedard

Greg Bedard

Founder,Editorial Director Boston Sports Journal

Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal joins us for a candid discussion on his shift from a traditional sports journalism career to forging his own path in the digital media world. We navigate the highs and lows of starting a subscription-based sports website amidst an industry shrinking and in turmoil.

With a focus on authenticity and reader engagement, Greg shares his journey and the core values that have propelled his platform to become a champion of quality sports content in a sea of clickbait.

At the end of the episode, Greg taps into his deep NFL knowledge to answer six “what if” scenarios involving among others Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Bill Belichik and Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Key Moments

[1:03]Episode Intro

[4:07] Greg Bedard career and how he founded BSJ

[11:49] Lessons from Peter King & Sports Illustrated MMBQ

[13:52] BSJ vision & building BSJ Team

[20:02] Perspective on journalism industry

[27:37] Work philosophy

[30:48] Six hypothetical questions on the NFL

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