Ginevra Bersani Franceschetti

Ginevra Bersani Franceschetti

Economist, Author: Il Costo Della Virilita'

Our guest today is Ginevra Bersani, an Italian economist and co-author of “Il Costo della Virilità” the winner of the Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica 2023.

Ginevra and her research partner Lucile Peytavin started from data showing that 83% of convicted criminals in Italy is male. Defining masculinity as the social construct with which men are raised in society, Ginevra conducted an analysis that shows the economic cost of masculinity (the difference in cost between punishing crimes committed by men and punishing crimes committed by women).

In our conversation we discussed their book, the basis of their research, some of the myths around masculinity, and the key implications of their findings.


[02:36] – Ginevra introduces herself, outlining her background as an Italian economist and the co-author of “Il Costo della Virilità”

[03:24] – Ginevra explains the inspiration behind the research, and the staggering economic costs of masculinity in Italy and France, sharing examples such as expenses for security, illegal activities, and road accidents.

[08:06] – Myth-busting— how “Il Costo della Virilità” challenges the myths and stereotypes around male behavior rejecting the notion of a predetermined male nature.

[15:05] – Ginevra elaborates on the negative impact of gender stereotypes and the role of social networks, and how humanistic education can help.

[24:22] – Ginevra shares the recent achievement of winning the Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica 2023 and the hope that the book becomes a catalyst for cultural change.

[31:46] – On a more personal side, Ginevra reflects on the word “feminazi,” sharing its contrast to the message of her book, and how reading and carbs take her to her happy place.

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