Laura Cesaro

Laura Cesaro

Founder and CEO - Sirius Game

Laura Cesaro is the Founder & CEO of Siriusgame, a gamified platform that helps high school students in Italy learn Latin. She started her venture during the pandemic, working across two continents as she was pursuing her Masters of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

We talked about the impact of her international experience, the inspiration behind Laura’s passion project, the challenges of being a young founder, the influence of her entrepreneurial family, and how Siriusgame is putting a modern spin on a dead language, giving it new life for the next generation.


[02:46] – Laura shares how her formative years shaped her approach to collaboration in her company and career.

[04:36] – How becoming an activist and volunteer creating programs during the refugee crisis in Greece opened her thinking to creating something of her own.

[06:42] – Armed with a Master’s in Education from Harvard and lineage from a family of entrepreneurs, Laura sets out on her mission of inclusive learning through Siriusgame. [09:34] – The three elements of Laura’s passion project, Siriusgame.

[10:13] – How her own struggles with learning inspired her passion project.

[12:12] – How putting a modern spin on a ‘dead language’ gave it new life for the next generation of learners.

[14:10] – “Life is the art of encounters” — the critical connections that helped Laura develop the project she’d had in mind since she was 17.

[18:41] – How starting her project in the US gave her the confidence to be one of the first startups in the Italian EdTech ecosystem.

[20:28] – What Laura learned from her father about being a founder that helped her develop her unique leadership style.

[22:36] – “For me, it’s always been important to be upfront and open about my shortcomings and what could be my weaknesses and surround myself with people who can balance those out.”

[25:26] – Laura shares the challenges and triumphs of starting her venture as a young entrepreneur during the COVID pandemic.

[28:56] – Laura shares her desire to be a part of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of the next generation.

[31:29] – Why Laura is focused on sustainability and impact rather than being the next ‘unicorn.’

[34:01] – The biggest gift of being a founder.

[37:34] – Where you can find Siriusgame.

[38:31] – Laura shares what defines who she is outside of work.

[41:23] – The dish from Laura’s home city of Verona that is very dear to her heart.

[43:17] – Thank you and closing remarks.

[43:36] – Music: A Place Called Love by Susan Cattaneo

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