Dino Cattaneo – My Story Part 1 – Authenticity and Measuring Success

Welcome to Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, the podcast that investigates the connection between effective leadership and authenticity. In my show my guests are asked to share their story, be authentic, transparent and vulnerable. It is only fair that I do the same for them and for you, my listeners. So in the next two episodes, I am turning the microphone over to my new friend Randy Wilburn, who will ask me the same questions I ask my guests. How do I define authenticity? What is my definition of success? What makes a good leader?

When I created the podcast, I knew that this would be an important episode to create at some point. The question was: who would be the right interviewer? The first requirement was that this person would be someone who still didn’t know me very well, to create opportunity for the two of us to surprise each other. The perfect interviewer would also be someone with a strong background in podcasting, able to conduct a good interview. And finally, it needed to be someone that I connected with, so that they would create a space that made me feel safe being fully authentic and transparent.

When Randy and I met this summer at Podcast Movement (a podcasting conference), it was immediately clear that he was the right person for the job. And the interview did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, we had so much fun in our conversation that we ran a lot longer than my episodes normally do, so I decided to break the episode in two parts. Part 1 focuses on my story, my definition of authenticity, and how I measure success. You will hear about my career choices, the good ones and the bad ones, what I learned from going through a major episode of depression, and the parallels between teaching clients how to look at their digital marketing campaigns and setting measures for success in your own life.

Key Takeaways

[03:16] – Randy, I’m turning the mic over to you.

[04:10] – This is a podcast that you started back in December of 2020. So are we calling this a pandemic podcast?

[06:11] – I’ve always learned that you need to look at the, there’s some silver linings in this pandemic that I think a lot of people are going to experience.

[07:20] – One of things I wanted to mention as we move into this interview is I thought it was interesting the way that we met.

[10:38] – I like to always ask about your superhero origin story, but I want to find out from you, what is authenticity to you? And how did you find your authentic self?

[13:46] – Could you share some key moments, some a-ha moments for you where you found your true voice? And how that informed your leadership style?

[17:00] – As much as I love my work, I didn’t want to be somebody who was fulfilled only by work.

[20:25] – How do you now measure success? How do you keep yourself in line with that measure?

[23:35] – As a coach, your role is not really to tell people what to do, but it’s to help them figure out what they want to do.

[24:20] – What are the challenges that you have dealing with that, and not staying focused and true to yourself?

[27:20] – Do you really want to be doing that? And really think about the activities that it takes to be successful at the job.

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