In today’s episode there are no guests. I share a framework to assess a leader you are working for or are considering working for.


[01:38] – The inspiration for this special episode.

[03:11] – The ground rules to get the most out of this episode.

[03:55] – The lens through which I formulated my thinking.

[05:45] – The two most important things to evaluate about a company when considering a potential role.

[06:24] – Where to source the behind-the-scenes information you won’t get from your interview but need to make an informed decision about whether this is a leader you want to work for and with.

[07:12] – Assessing a leader’s strengths and how those skills are reflected in the company’s culture.

[09:00] – Why it’s crucial to ensure a mesh between what you bring to the table and how the company leader leads.

[11:17] – Understanding a leader’s management style: what you need to ask.”

[12:45] – Strategies to help you assess how an organization handles team building and individual career development.

[14:25] – How to determine if they are a stick or a carrot leader—and what that might mean for you if you join their organization.

[16:26] – Key strategies for obtaining a clear picture of the financials when you embark on a senior-level role within a company.

[17:35] – How the leader’s communication style plays into your work style with them AND your success with the company.

[18:37] – Some questions to ask when evaluating the CEO (Hint: this is especially valuable advice for those considering a high-level role at a start-up).

[22:15] – Did you find this special episode helpful? Do you have questions? Reach out on social or via email here.

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