Our guest today is Cody Hall, CEO and founder of Octiva. Cody is a marines veteran who after spending time in larger organizations decided to start a company that solves a big healthcare issue: the transition care of patients post hospital dismissal.

In our conversation, Cody talked about how the different experiences he had, from the military to working in companies like Apple led him to the insight that he needed to operate in nimbler and more entrepreneurial environment. He also shared how he is building a company culture that emphasizes the need for employee self-care even in a fast paced start-up environment.

Finally, we discussed some of the upcoming trends in healthcare, specifically, the impact Value Based Care will have on all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

[02:29] – Let’s talk about what you are currently doing, and what’s the journey that led you to where you are now.
[03:42] – How did you start defining yourself as a person in your work environments?
[05:37] – Everyone has a voice.
[07:18] – An example of a constructive team discussion.
[09:23] – What support does Octiva give to clients?
[11:12] – How do you come up with a business idea?
[12:34] – What is success?
[13:56] – Is there a balance between purpose and finances?
[15:01] – The company must survive in order to make the desired impact.
[16:12] – Finances are finite.
[17:44] – I think being the most genuine version of myself gets a lot of credit from the team.
[19:27] – I don’t break the rules, and I don’t violate who I am.
[20:25] – Understand when you’re not the right person for the job.
[21:42] – What is value-based care, and what are the advantages?
[23:08] – Make everyone invested in the patient’s success.
[25:03] – What is the infrastructure that will support value-based care?
[27:16] – Leadership starts from taking care of yourself.
[29:34] – The team knows how to manage what we need to achieve alongside taking care of themselves.
[30:49] – I focus on my relationships.
[31:48] – Disruption has collateral damage.
[32:25] – I have a routine to take care of my physical health and mental health.
[33:37] – Thank you and closing remarks.



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Cody on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/codhal

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