Brian Beckcom

Brian Beckcom

Owner and Trial Lawyer VB Attorneys

Brian Beckcom  is a philosopher, Computer Scientist, and one of the nation’s top trial lawyers. He’s also the founder and host of the “Lessons From Leaders” podcast, where he interviews military combat veterans, sports stars, judges, coaches, spiritual leaders, and more.

We talked about his transition from computer science and his journey to becoming a trial lawyer and how he and his partner built a firm where family comes first for both the founders and employees, and his insight on balancing your personal and professional life plus the top lessons he learned from other leaders through his “Lessons From Leaders” podcast.


[02:53] -Introducing Brian Beckcom, a fearless trial lawyer who stands up to powerful interests, fights for his client’s rights, and personifies the heroic spirit of justice and truth.

[03:32] – The last line of defense: Brian shares why we desperately NEED trial lawyers.

[06:38] – Brian opens up about the transformative events that guided him from a career in computer programming to a life as a trial attorney.

[06:38] – How a need for an outlet led Daniella to become a performer where she could use her creative force for good.

[10:06] – Brian shares what led him to break from the military tradition in his family and pursue a different career path.

[11:56] – Discovering a true passion for reading, writing, and talking that led to pursuing a law degree.

[13:22] – Brian shares why you should pursue your passions, not societal expectations, for a fulfilling career (and future success).

[15:10] – Brian shares Sylvester Stallone’s take on college from “Tulsa King.”

[16:46] – How losing a case forced Brian to realize that he was on the wrong side of justice.

[17:16] – Brian reveals the life-changing impact his mother’s passing had on his career journey, leading him to fight for justice in an effort to make a meaningful difference in the world.

[18:10] – How Brian learned the difference between a great lawyer and used this knowledge to start his own firm based on his values and beliefs.

[20:00] – Prioritizing life design over job design for greater wealth and fulfillment.

[22:55] – Brian emphasizes the number one thing a leader can do to create a culture of teamwork and support within a company.

[25:53] – Making sure every client is a good fit for the firm.

[28:23] – The necessary struggle for all business owners.

[30:31] – Brian shares the importance of finding the right balance between having enough employees and negatively impacting the bottom line.

[30:53] – The balancing act of being a lawyer with being a business owner.

[32:23] -Brian emphasizes the crucial role of trusting one’s instincts in making effective decisions and highlights the transformative power failure has as a catalyst for learning.

[35:56] – Brian shares what he’s learned about leadership through his Lessons From Leaders Podcast and his TOP five leadership principles.

[38:23] – Where to connect with Brian.

[39:18] – Brian shares the life lesson his passion for Brazilian jujitsu (he’s a purple belt) has taught him.

[41:38] – Why it’s the hard things in life that are the most meaningful.

[43:12] – Two business expressions that Brian finds to be misguided at best.

[46:36] – Brian shares why books are “the most amazing technology ever” and what he’s reading right now.

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