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Anthony Frasier

Anthony Frasier

CEO and Founder ABF Creative

Anthony Frasier is the CEO and Founder of ABF Creative, a media company specialized in multicultural audio content for children. Starting out right after high-school, Anthony followed a unique entrepreneurial path, going from tech to educating fellow entrepreneurs to entrepreneur in residence and podcast producer.

We talked about the mental resilience required to build a career as a minority in tech. Anthony shared his strategic moves to secure significant clients, create recurring revenue, and maintain mental health and optimism, and he discussed how his admission to a Silicon Valley accelerator program became a cultural awakening that fueled his drive to succeed.

This journey instilled in him a desire to pay it forward, which is why he spent a significant portions of his career building organizations that help other entrepreneurs succeed, and you will experience his desire to help others in the tips he shares in the episode.

AI education event on June 27: AI Unplugged: Navigating Legal Boundaries

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